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What should i drink instead of beer to lose weight?

SInce i am a sophmore in college, i drink alot. I am in love with beer but i really am trying to lose weight before my sisters wedding. Not drinking is merely just not an option haha. So what should i drink instead that tastes pretty good?

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14 Responses to “What should i drink instead of beer to lose weight?”

  1. Jill R said :

    I am guessing water with lemon is not the answer you are looking for …Light beer? Beer has a lot of carbs, so if you don’t plan on giving it up, don’t plan on losing much weight. You could increase your exercise during this time, or just drink it less often…

  2. braille said :

    that means u are not serious about loosing weight. is being a college student a prerequitiste for drinking, that is so ignorant. i hope u dont drink and drive. seriously, u need to stop drinking. you can try crystal light in water.

  3. cindrella said :

    Lemon water mixed with honey.

  4. happyfarah88 said :

    Drink tons of water. If you don’t want to cut back on beer, then drink tons of water in addition to beer. And stock up on toilet paper.

  5. monetrae said :

    lite beer

  6. sarahmuffin4 said :

    Sorry, but to lose weight, you will need to cut out all alcohol. Alcohol is just empty calories, not supplying your body with anything useful.

    Start drinking water instead. Have one drink a night rather than 5, or whatever. You will see a difference just doing that. Also, if you drink coke or the like during the day, cut that out too. Same with coffee – have one a day rather than heaps. It all adds up.

  7. Dominican Idol said :

    Grey Goose

  8. K said :

    Any ‘0’ wine. Zero means there’s no sugar in it. Definitely less fattening than beer.

  9. babydragonspawn said :

    Gatorade… keeps you hydrated and will help to maintain your sugar levels since your used to having an elevated sugar level form the beer. Staying hydrated will help you lose weight.

  10. Beth said :

    Unfortunately, all booze makes you fat. Your body processes alcohol as sugar. There is no alcoholic drink that’s low fat or whatever. If you’re serious about weight loss, quit or limit your drinking.

  11. VALORIS said :

    when you go up to the bar ask them for “Bicardi and diet” if you are strapped for cash ask for a “rum and diet”

    Only 60 calories in each drink. It does not taste the best but you will get used to it. I’ve drank a ton of crappy beers in the past as well and survived…

  12. sunheri h said :

    the best is lemon water.u know y? coz it is vry gud for loosing weight nd it fairs up d complexion is gud for skin as it contains vit c.

  13. Mike C said :

    beer or any form of alcohol is just not good for you…its ok to have a small glass of red wine a day, because it helps your red blood cell count and can prevent heart disease, but that does not mean go buy a 3 gallon jug, drop in a straw and throw in Resevoir Dogs and sit back.

    If you are serious about losing weight, you need to cut back on any sweets and eating out, especially pizza. DEFINETLEY cut out alcohol or ease up on the consumption of it. Light beer is kinda of a bullshit theory…it only allows you to get fat slower…lol.

    Eat a well balanced intake of food and excercise alternating days on aerobic and weight-training aspects.

  14. Hyacinth said :

    Liquor has less calories than beer, and you need less of it to get a buzz. As you need less of it, you ingest less calories, and should lose weight. Mix with sparkling water, or juice NOT made from concentrate. (Juice made from concentrate can cause weight gain. For the same reasons, don’t mix with sodas, even diet sodas. On a side note, don’t drink diet sodas, thinking you’ll lose weight. Current studies have shown diet sodas actually cause longterm weight gain, because of the aspartame within them)

    Make sure you eat before you drink, so you don’t eat whatever is around later.

    Good luck!

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