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What is the worst way to lose weight quickly?

I was reading a site about eating disorders, so short of bulemia and anorexia, what are the worst ways to lose weight? Weight has to be lost quickly, and it cannot be “eat less, exercise more-lose 1-2 lbs/wk”. This question does NOT pertain to anyone in particular, as I am just curious about some of the crappiest ways people have gone about trashing thier health. If you can site a source (i.e. book, website, etc. I may be able to use it for my upcoming research paper in Nutrition) THX

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8 Responses to “What is the worst way to lose weight quickly?”

  1. poulams said :

    crash dieting and taking a whole box of weight loss pills

  2. pink_princess said :

    KEEP EATING!!! go on a “diet” ONLY HAVE CHOCOLATES, SWEETS,CAKES… trust me…. it’ll work.. hehehehehe

  3. menhary said :

    put Epsom salt in capsules and take them, gives you horrible cramps and diarrhea, but you lose weight

  4. pbzerac said :

    The absolute worst way to lose weight is to stop eating. The best way is to eat healthy foods in moderation and combine a mixture aerobic and anerobic (spelling?) excersize into your daily routine.

  5. luvme4me said :


  6. Ophelia said :

    Crappy ways:So called liquid diets.Replacing meals with vitamin pills.Taking diuretics or laxatives.Can’t help you with scources.All my info is from stuff I’ve seen idiots, I mean people put themselves through.

  7. =) said :

    The worst way tolose weight quick:
    throw up after every meal!=(

  8. mompoo said :



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