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What is the fat belly fat loss exercises?

I am doing couple of different types of abdominal exercises for fat loss, i have worked out completely one month with abdominal crunches and cardio but my body result is very slow in burn fat at abs. I am sticked on fat loss diet structure. Here my question is,there is any great exercise for FAST fat loss at belly and effective to turn my body into six pack ripped with in short period of time?

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3 Responses to “What is the fat belly fat loss exercises?”

  1. julian p said :

    Hey Man, Honestly,

    What they’re telling you is a whole bunch of crap!

    Do you really think you can count calories???????? Did you know that a calorie is smaller than the smallest microcel in our body???

    STOP Counting on calories,

    The ”Magic Formula” to Loose Fat is this one:

    ACTION + WORK. Take it or Leave it. Do sport regulary, go for walks, and don’t eat like a pig.

    That’s what my Grandad used to say when I was little. He said that if you do this you’ll live forever,
    In fact he died at like 98 and was FIT and SMART all the way, he did mountain biking till the very last days of his life. You can easaly do the same, and MY Grandfather didn’t even know what a Gym was.

    There’s a video that explains it all,,, you want to Check this Out,

  2. BubbaB said :

    There’s no such thing as spot reducing with regards to losing fat. You can’t target just your abs for losing fat; you lose fat throughout your body.

    That said, the only way to lose fat is to burn more calories than you take in. And the best way to do that is to eat better and exercise.

    Also, lean muscle mass burns more calories than fat mass even while doing nothing. That means you can (and maybe should) concentrate on building the lean muscle mass of your body’s larger muscles. That includes the quads (the muscles in your thigh).

    Regardless, there is *no* quick fix for losing fat. You can’t expect to go from a flabby belly to a ripped six-pack “in a short period of time”. It’s a relatively slow process.

  3. Buster said :

    The disease that keep body fat on is call the “Huff In Month”. Stop putting you huff in your mouth that has food attached to it. Dude, and exercise. The two keys to weight loss. No way around it.


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