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I am looking to lose belly fat and considering Alli weight loss pills?

I am looking to lose belly fat and considering Alli weight loss pills, I do work out and try to eat healthy. Has anyone tried alli and how good does it work, is it worth spending the money.

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8 Responses to “I am looking to lose belly fat and considering Alli weight loss pills?”

  1. linny said :

    no, all ali does is make you shit after you take a bite of food.

  2. Croe said :

    I dont know how good they are but I say natural diets are the best such as fruits, nuts, lean meat and protein. No sodas or late night snacks.
    im tryign to work on my body and I been dieting like this for a week. Yes I have gone off it but I work it off.
    I never liked weight lost pills…especially Acai berry pills which dont really help.

  3. eyjude said :

    why not try the “Flat Belly diet”
    it is the sugar/ carbs that makes you gain on your stomach.

  4. Ang said :

    no and all those products have temporary effects. for a permanent health boost introduce better food into your diet and find some exercise you want to stick at

    exercise for 1+ hours four times a week. join classes with friends/ siblings. jogging, cycling to work/school/town, swimming, surfing, dancing, aerobics, a martial art, ice-skating, roller-blading, tennis, basketball, go gym, yoga, orienteering, trampolining or garden work

    example healthy menu
    for breakfast have some fruit like watermelon, pear, chopped pineapple, kiwi with wholegrain cereal and low-fat milk or brown toast with topping like beans, egg, peanut butter and banana
    lunch can be a wholemeal sandwich, bagel, roll, wrap with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and either tuna, chopped avocado, hummus, ham or cheese(no butter or mayo) or a pasta and vegetable dish and a tub of fruit (strawberries, figs, peach, grapes, apricots)
    dinner should be 1/4 protein(beans, egg, meat, fish) 1/3 carb (potato, brown rice/pasta) and the rest vegetables(salad, boiled, roasted). eg. pepper and meatballs in tomato sauce on spaghetti, roast beef dinner
    supper can be carton veg soup, bruchetta, crackers, veg sticks dipped in peanut butter or salsa or a yogurt and a piece of fruit eg. mango, cherries, orange segments
    drink lots of water- with every meal, carry a bottle and try get 1.5l daily
    snack on herbal tea eg. apple, ginger, chamomile
    eat fruit smoothies, popcorn, pancakes with stewed apple and Cinnamon(no sugar), oven chips and bean chili for treats

    no chips, biscuits, fizzy drinks, crisps, cereal bars, sweets, pastries, butter, fast food
    when changing your diet put thought into buying food to make eating healthy easier
    don’t drink calories- soda, milk, fruit juice, tea and coffee

  5. Lacey said :

    girl i know the feeling see im not fat either but im not exactly skinny. u could do something crazy and dont eat or do the right thing and keep off the pounds by staying healthy. but if u really want to ill give u some advice. eat a big breakfast and a smaller lunch and a smaller dinner, never fully get filled if ur still hungry drink lots of water. exercise at least once a day for 30 min and u will see results. there are some supplements you can take to help speed up your metabolism too. im doing it and so far its working. best of luck

  6. Gina said :

    I just bought the alli pills, I am limiting my calorie intake for each day to about 1200, I haven’t started the alli pills yet, but have already lost 9lbs in the past two weeks just with dieting alone. I am establishing a pretty low cal eating plan before I start. My friend has been doing the same and has been taking alli for the past week and has lost 5 lbs, she hasnt had any bad side effects. I think that you only get sick after you eat if you eat a meal high in fat. I got the startet kit that contained 90 pills, eating guides, journals, tips n tricks book etc. for only 25 dollars at target.

  7. Natalie said :

    I strongly suggest pilates / yoga. Read some reviews for programs here (they are very well rated):

    If you’re looking for something a bit more intense for serious weight loss.

    p90x gets great reviews, check them out:

    You’ll also want some adjustable dumbbells to go along with the program (don’t forget the chin-up bar):

    You’ll want this p90x chin/pull up bar:

    You might also want to get pushup bars, I personally use this:

    although it’s pricey compared to others, so any of these will work fine:

    I also suggest resistance bands, I suggest ripcords brand as they don’t break on you (I had to go to the emergency room once because I was using bad ones from a gym, and it snapped and nearly broke my hand by slinging itself):

    Get the 5 set or 6 set (don’t get it with the DVD).

    ps, if you don’t want to put on too much muscle, use light weights (I suggest getting all 5 sets):

  8. Kenny said :

    Personally, I do not recommend any kind of diet pill. I am afraid that they will have some kind of weird side effect.

    If you can, try a natural diet and exercise program. It is much healthier, and it is easier to keep the fat off after you lose it.

    Pills just seem like a big risk, and they have no guarantee.

    I do suggest supplements though, but make sure they are all natural. They will help you get the vitamins you need while dieting.

    Good luck. I wish you the best.


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