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What is the best way to lose stomach fat?

Its not me its my friend, and she is really desperate to lose her stomach fat. She isn’t overweight, but shes not skinny, she wan’ts to be able to feel comfortable in a bikini. So please tell me what is the best way to lose Tummy fat, And FAST!

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17 Responses to “What is the best way to lose stomach fat?”

  1. chatterbox6190 said :

    sit ups and crunches

  2. Jeremiah A said :

    if you find out let me know please!

  3. hiphop anonymous said :

    do something that burns calories, not just situps. Go run, row an erg, use an eliptical, bike, anything that burns calories.

  4. Wise L said :

    Go for a run, eat right….

  5. Goosey said :

    Low calorie diet, and cardio/fat burning workouts at least every other day, if not more often.

    Tell her to stick with it and she will see results.



    Do not tell her to do situps and crunches, which only strengthens and at times enlarges ab muscles. If she wants to lose FAT she must eat right and do cardio workouts.

  6. Rick said :

    try a treadmill and walking

  7. Meghan said :

    Do a lot of cardio like running or eliptical exercises because even if you have strong stomach muscles and abs, you wont be able to see them under a layer of fat. Cardio is best for that.

  8. spendergast5 said :

    Send her to a gym to talk with a trainer. Usually the first session is free and if it costs too much you can at least ask a lot of questions the first session! I would say sit ups off the top of my head, but its best to talk with a professional if she is serious about losing the tummy.

  9. Amea said :

    gym 4 times a week.. running , crunches, platys, healthy diet.. oh DANCE helps so much.. jazz and ballet.. seriously thats a work out

  10. TXQUEEN said :

    Exercise, walk, stomach curls or sit ups, try an ab lounger…my cousin has one and it worked great! Tell her to make sure she is having a regular bm…I know it sounds nasty but that can add to stomach fat…Check on getting colonics or something to clean your digestive tract.

  11. Alphonzo said :

    going to the gym and running on the thremill

  12. Rachel * said :

    Ok u want to use hip hop abs workout video Its so kool u do crunches while ur standing and dont even feel it and its also cardio!

  13. Walking on Sunshine said :

    Drink water and believe it or not – wear a girdle, as well as standard stomach crunches and exercise. the reason a girdle helps is it improves posture and encourages you to “hold in your tummy” this strengthens your back muscles as well – that gives the smooth look a lady wants in her bikini. Good Luck!

  14. Nana said :

    Theres a few exercises tht target the stuborn stomach, you can get the tips here on how to lose your belly fat

  15. Zaixin F said :

    please try to do 50 situps a day for a year.

  16. Kelly said :

    You can’t just pick one place to lose weight, if u work out and diet, you’ll lose it everywhere, even places u might not want it gone.

  17. healthfreakken said :

    The best way to lose fat fast is by dieting. And the best diet to do it is the low carb diet. She can also check out my free ebook, 10 Secrets to Melting Fat Fast! for awesome tips. (see source box)

    In one of the longest and largest research studies (see source box) the low carb diet came out on top vs a low-fat diet and the Mediterranean diet. It also improved cholesterol more than the other two.

    In a way this news is funny because the bodybuilding community new the low carb diet was the best for losing weight years ago. Sometimes the science community is a little behind 😉

    She can follow an Atkins like diet (minus the bacon and other unhealthy fats) to reach her goals pretty quickly. I would have her eat 5-6 small meals though.

    One more thing. Your friend should combine a sensible diet with exercise to tone and build some muscle. Combine the two and she won’t have a problem wearing a two piece bikini.


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