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What is the best gym workout routine for weightloss?

Hey, im 20 over weight and will be starting at the gym next monday, its my first time and i would like some tips and stuff for the best work out routine to maximize weight loss, im not that smart with this stuff so a great deal of explanation would be appreciated thanks for all your help.

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9 Responses to “What is the best gym workout routine for weightloss?”

  1. Fargo said :

    weights followed by cardio

  2. humboldt84 said :

    cardio, run on the treadmill

  3. Sarah M said :

    Lots of biking, walking and rowing is how I lost 5 stone at the gym

  4. bmoviebimbo said :

    anything aerobic…treadmill, stairmaster, elyptical…

  5. Mr. Angry said :

    cardio, cardio and more cardio

  6. Em said :

    warm up on treadmill for 5 minutes to get your blood flowing. THen do the weight machines (most gyms show you how to use them your first time there). Then do about 45-1 hour of cardio every day (for weight loss) along with a healthy diet.

  7. tweety said :

    1at least 15min. running on treadmill inclined 2.5 then weight lifting for (arms, legs,back,abs) about 3 reps of 10-15 each body part 3/4x a week, GL!

  8. XTC666 said :

    1 hr cardio to your heart pumping EVERYDAY and 4 times a week doing weights for 40 minutes on all the muscles…legs,arms, core,back etc.

    results will be visible within a month followed by a healthy life style. Just stick to healthy foods and only water and you will be fine. You dont need a strict diet..just change ur life style..get moving and eat healthy. Dont forget to stretch after workouts so you dont tear a muscle or pull anything. Especially your legs.

    Good Luck♥

  9. wweakaqnt said :

    Cardio (treadmill,rower,bike)


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