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What is the best weightloss app for the iphone?

This girl I am dating (doing) is really chunky and I want her to lose some of the flab. I thought that I might download the best (most effective) app on her iphone for her so that she gets the message and loses some of the pounds of fat.

Please provide me with your best suggestion. Thank you.

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2 Responses to “What is the best weightloss app for the iphone?”

  1. Kevin said :

    a girl with that problem i recommend this app, FYI you can get my share for free

  2. moonpiglet said :

    MyNetDiary is a good one, its a web-based diet and exercise program and all you have to do is quickly jot down what you had for dinner or how long you worked out, even when you’re on the go. Easy!


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