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what is the best way to put on weight?

iv been wanting to put on some weight but find it really difficult, and once i put on that weight i some how loose it quickly maybe due to sport, i was wondering if bulking up muscle would be a better approach in filling out abit more because im tall and skinny?

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3 Responses to “what is the best way to put on weight?”

  1. Kristina said :

    You need to start drinking protein shakes and working out. You will build soooooo much muscle. You can get them in the mall at the little vitamin stores and places like that.

  2. blaksun said :

    Regular exercises that include heavy weights, where you max out between 8 and 10 reps, and creatine and apple juice. The apple juice puts the creatine in your body faster, but creatine puts extra fluids in your muscles, so since extra fluid is going to your muscles you’ll need to drink more water than you usually do so you don’t dehydrate, but trust me it works I’m a hard gainer and before I started this I was 6 ft tall and only 147 then after doing this within a year I went to 192 lbs of muscle I was always in shape because I did work out just couldn’t gain weight. Also listen to Kristina protien shakes can help out alot

  3. Shayla Gimenez said :

    Handy info


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