What is the best weightloss pill on the market?

I need to lose weight and need help. What has worked for you? Did it have any bad side effects??? Please be detailed.

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6 Responses to “What is the best weightloss pill on the market?”

  1. TRUEBLUE said:

    Weight loss pills are a waste of time and money, just eat better and exercise.

  2. The Big Achiever said:

    I’ve heard a lot about HOodia and other diet pills that actually help you lose weight. However, a pill is the most unhealthy way to lose weight. It’s much healthier to do more walking and eat more veggies and less carbs on average. You may also eat high fibre foods as they help clean your colon and you may eat less since they’ll make you feel fuller most of the time.

  3. greencreeper said:

    methamphetamine. don’t mean any sarcasm here. Meth users wind up looking like living skeletons.

  4. dinotheorist said:

    I had triglcerides up at 600+, and aside from correcting my diet and moving around more…

    I was surprised when my doctor prescribed 500 mg of niacin, taken after dinner. That’s a B vitamin just like you buy at a health food store. I was 250 lbs, You’re probably smaller. Watch out for that flushing side effect where your face and arms feel hot. You gotta ride that out.

  5. southwestnineteen said:

    None. Cut back on calories and exercise – that’s the best and only weight loss “pill” that works.

  6. yellow said:

    Herbal Wonder Extra and exercise helped me lose 30 pounds. Side effects are dry mouth, increased heart rate, nervousness, and abdominal discomfort. It’s not very healthy for you, but it did help me lose weight.


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