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What is the best pre and post morning workout shake or food for fat loss?

I am 6ft, 265lbs, I walk a lot at work and eat any thing i want. I used to be in shape about 2 years ago at 170lbs. I like to do my cardio first thing in the morning. My goal is to get back down to 170 and maintain. I am wanting something fast before and after my morning run. I would like to eat breakfast as my Post please help!

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4 Responses to “What is the best pre and post morning workout shake or food for fat loss?”

  1. ma said :

    First of all, you should be eating breakfast before your morning run/cardio workout. If you don’t, your metabolism hasn’t caught up, and you aren’t burning as many calories as you could be. Even a quick piece of toast or small bowl of oatmeal would be great. After your workout, a protein shake is the best thing for you. it aids in muscle regeneration, which puts your body into an anabolic state – burning tons of calories in the process and amping up your metabolism again. The other benefit is that the shake will keep you full for a pretty long time.
    I also suggest to all of my clients that they supplement with the Acai berry, no matter what form. It aids greatly in weight loss, and also gives a pretty hefty energy boost throughout the day. The best products are available at
    I hope that helps
    stay happy and stay healthy!
    MA Health

  2. Andrew said :

    I have done a TON of personal research about this, as I had a friend who did a “cleanse” program based on protein shakes which promised rapid body fat loss. I work in the medical field, and tried everything I could to talk him out of doing this, as everyone knows rapid weight loss is unhealthy and you just put it back on quickly… right?

    Well, I had to eat my words. The program you want is called Isagenix. The reason it is the best protein shake available is because it has activated enzymes in it, so as soon as you mix it with water, it becomes activated, which means you need to drink it within a few minutes of making it, and as you are drinking it, it is already activated, so the protein is absorbed into your body easier and more completely. Also, Isagenix uses an organic whey protein imported from New Zealand, where they don’t use any chemicals in their dairy industry.

    It sounds like you have a similar body shape/size as I used to have. I am 6’3 and used to be 297lbs. After first trying to talk my friend out of his cleanse idea, and then seeing his results, I started Isagenix and got down to 217 in something around 6 months. I have settled around 225, and that was 2 1/2 years ago, haven’t gained a lb back since then. They also offer a full refund if it doesn’t work for you. Anyway, shoot me an email if you want some more information or proof that it works.


  3. BOSSY said :

    oatmeal or nuts are great before for a workout just keep the portion small after anything with a lot of protein and little fat..griled chicken,egg whites,more nuts..

    also grapes are good before workout it helps boost you metabolism and burn more calories try them frozen I LOVE EM

  4. Mark said :

    if you want a protein shake then be sure to find one that is lean and doesn’t have that much sugar, for a food I would eat a chicken breast with some veggies.


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