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what is it with all the “how can i lose weight fast” questions?

I see so many questions on how can i lose weight fast, what is the easiest way to lose weight. This is what I have to say..

I personally battled the bulge after my first pregnancy (for about a year) and I have learned through the years that the best way to keep off the weight is by proper EATING HABITS and EXCERCISE. It isnt that difficult if you think about it. Its just that most people cant control what they put in their mouths. Its like if the food CONTROLS THEM, not the other way around. If people would measure their portions and count their calories they wouldnt be asking this constantly.

Sorry to sound so harsh but seriously if you want to lose weight then stop drinking SODA, keep snacks to a minimum and if you do snack dont snack on chocolate, chips, candy and pastries those are all NO NOs. Eat sensible healthy snacks. I dont need to list them because everyone knows that they are. Drink WATER and milk (nonfat or 1%), both are crucual for weight loss and weight management.
There is nothing wrong with a having a snack heare and there either. Its just when people start making it a habit that the waist starts to expand.
When eating fast food. Instead of ordering a regular size meal, order a kids meals, less calories, you can take it even further, instead of a sugary drink, drink water and instead of fries eat apple slices or applesauce.
If you eat pizza, eat a cheese thin crust, not the regular dough to many carbohydates. Limit youself to 2 pieces plus a salad.
There are ways around eating, where you can pretty much eat what you want it should just be done in MODERATION.

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4 Responses to “what is it with all the “how can i lose weight fast” questions?”

  1. Christine said :

    I agree, soda is a killer. Also, drink lots of cold cold water. That makes you burn more calories because you body is trying to burn calories to make the water to your body temperature.

    Have about 5 small meals a day. If you get bored by exercising or walking, just dance to your favorite music! If you do that, time will pass by alot quicker.

    If you like snacks, take half of what you eat. Just eat enough until you are satisfied. You don’t have to eat until you are “so full that you can’t eat anymore” besides, it takes an extra 3 minutes until your stomach tells you its full.

    You will have more energy, higher metabolism. Try taking your daily vitamins to. Especially you women out there, we need that calcium and iron!

  2. Shake_dat_moneymaker said :

    Amen, Amen, AMEN!

    I agree 100 fold!

    People are getting SO fat, and they think that they will be thin if they take a special pill that is offered “exclusively through television” *PHH* that’s your first mistake, sitting down watching t.v. instead of exercises!

    I used to be large too, but I did EXACTLY as you mentioned, stop eating so much (which was my biggest problem), and keep exercising every day, and its helped me so much!

    But every time you turn around, there’s fat chubby people that are lazy and try to get the lazy persons way out, by not exercising, and eating what you want (so it tells them on t.v.) IF YOU THINK THAT’S GONNA GET YOU A SIZE 4 PANT SIZE… YOU’RE NUTS! If you look on the bottom of those t.v. commercials they clearly say “results not typical” WTF! they practically promise you it will work, and turn around saying that!


  3. Brokensoul898 said :

    I completly understand, people are just lazy and they don’t want to work to get their results

  4. O RLY? said :

    I didnt bother reading the whole thing. You did not post a question, rather used a question like headline JUST so you can express your own opinion.


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