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What is better for fat loss: low intensity cardio or high intensity cardio?

By “cardio” I mean machines such as a treadmill, elliptical, etc.

Is it true that if I do really fast, high intensity cardio on one of those machines I won’t lose fat as quickly if I did it low-intensity?

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2 Responses to “What is better for fat loss: low intensity cardio or high intensity cardio?”

  1. JTH said :

    Low intensity is best because you can go longer, it’s better for the joints, and it burns fat calories better than high intensity. The reason is that when you exercise at too high an intensity, your body does not have the bandwidth to convert the fat to fuel for your body to burn. Instead, it relies on the sugar/glucose already in your bloodstream and when you deplete that you are going to run into what long distance runners call, “The Wall”. This is a state of intensity physical and mental fatigue which is usually follow-up by a very strong urge to eat.

    If you examine the workout computer on many of the cardio workout machines, you will see that the settings for cardio for weight loss are all less intense than cardio for endurance.

  2. [ J ] a [ Y ] said :

    You’ll probably get a few mixed results here, but in my experience, low intensity is better, essentially because, as said, you last longer.

    In a high intensity workout, you might burn say 600+ calories per hour, but only last 10 minutes, so you only burn 60 calories. In a low intensity workout, you might burn only 400 calories per hour, but because the workout is less intense, you can last for say half an hour, so you burn 200 calories.

    After that, it becomes simple math 😛


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