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Low intensity cardio or high intensity for fat loss?

At the same time, maintain as much muscle mass as possible, well we all know when you lose fat there’s a tendency to lose that hard-earned muscle as well. But if i wanna shed like 10% body fat and maintain as much muscle as possible,

low intensity cardio for long durations or high intensity cardio for a shorter period of time?

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4 Responses to “Low intensity cardio or high intensity for fat loss?”

  1. drea said :

    interval training
    alternates between bursts of intense activity with intervals of lighter activity
    you will burn more calories

  2. Swash said :

    Hey there.

    All right, let me help you with something:
    This: “well we all know when you lose fat there’s a tendency to lose that hard-earned muscle as well.” — totally incorrect. No really. The only way exercise will result in actual muscle loss is if your body is completely exhausted of an energy supply and stays that way. I don’t mean “exercising hungry” I mean, if there’s not a shred of carbs/glucose or even protein in your body at all, THEN your muscle will break down.

    On to the rest:
    Low intensity or higher Intensity: Neither. Well, in a way, both..

    Either way: you want High intensity Intervals. Which means short bursts of high intensity followed by a low-to-medium intensity interval. -Like running for your life (seriously – as fast as is humanly possible for you-) for 15 seconds and then walking for a minute and repeat. If you can run for your life for longer than 15 seconds, you aren’t running fast enough.

    Here’s why that works:

    During High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), your heart stays VERY elevated, creating a massive oxygen debt. Your heart rate stays elevated for longer than just running at a flat high intensity, because at a flat high intensity, you won’t be able to do it for very long. (With a HIIT routine, you will be VERY out of breath after you finish. This puts your body’s EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) at a very high level and even though you’ll catch your breathe after 5 – 20 minutes, your body can work up to 48 hours to replace all of the lost energy it spent during your HIIT routine. During those 48 hours, your body is in crazy fat-burning mode. Every moment you’re not out of breath in the next 24-48 hours, you’re burning fat off at a much higher rate than normal. In fact in one day, your body will likely burn off an entire cupped hand full of fat off your body (Now, that’s only about a 1/4 pound and it’ll be spread over your entire body, but still, the visual is awesome.)

  3. BOSSY said :

    the best way is interval training
    do 20seconds high 10 low… or 2mins high 1 minute low then 3 minute high then 2 minute low ect….
    you want slighlty more high to burn the fat

    the reason many people lose muscle when they lose fat is when is because their not really working out to lose the weight their mostly just chaning their diet to less calories..
    Also getting more protein helps you maintain the muscle(especiially having some within 30 minutes of a workout…
    protein shakes or bar…lean meats like chicken or steak…. some nuts(aboout an ounce)

  4. Joe said :



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