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For Fat loss which type of cardio is better?

Hey guys,
I want to lose some weight as most of the women want, shall I do long and low intense cardio like walking 5,5 speed 30 min or shall I make intense cardio running for 10 min and do some exercises like squat? I need ur help I constantly gain weight as the weather turns cold, it increases my appetite:) Thanks all!!

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5 Responses to “For Fat loss which type of cardio is better?”

  1. LEXA said :

    It’s all in the heart rate my friend,

    here is a guide for burning fat most effectively!

    Warm up for 5 minutes at 5.5mph, then up the speed to 10, depending on age get your heart rate as close to the following criteria as possible

    20Yrs 180bpm
    30Yrs 170bpm
    40Yrs 160bpm
    50Yrs 150bpm
    60Yrs 140bpm
    Do this for 20minutes
    then do a 5 minute cooldown at 5.5mph

    that’s the perfect guide, if 20mins is a bit long then drop it to 15, this should burn around 350-450 calories depending on variables and convert fat to muscle everywhere except your arms

    Good luck

  2. Jonny Bravo said :

    the shorter intense workouts are better. thats how athletes do it ( not marathon runners obv)

  3. Brett said :

    All answers have been great. Keep this one thing in mind. You have to like it for you to actually do it. It does not matter what is best in theory. If you don’t like it you won’t do it. Therefore try different ones and go with the one that you will stick with. You might find a couple you like and then you can change it up. Good luck!

  4. Ronny Molaze said :

    Do all of them. Your body has different energy systems that it uses for each type of exercises. Fat loss is optimal when all three energy systems are being taxed.

    It will also keep things interesting and keep your body guessing when you are doing different types of exercise each day

  5. tennislover said :

    well.. i always say intensity is important for training… but facts remain to lose weight… u have to be doing cardio longer then 20 mins.. 30 – 40 mins…. as first 20 mins your only burning carbs..
    ideally u need 5 days of cardio 40 mins

    the squats are muscle building exercises… more muscle helps burn fat…. so u want to do muscle training along with your cardio… 4 days of weight training 30 – 40 mins.. full body workouts

    another trick.. if u want.. u can do your cardio on empty stomach….. before u eat.. u will burn fat right away…

    it more protein and more carbs


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