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High or low intensity for pure fat loss?

I need to lose a lot of weight 70+ pounds. I have joined the gym and do cardio and weight training. However, I am getting conflicting information regarding what intensity burns more fat? Should i do low intensity or high intensity on the elliptical/treadmill etc.?

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3 Responses to “High or low intensity for pure fat loss?”

  1. Roxy said :

    I believe you need to do cardio..get that heart rate up ..They say cardio is what burns belly fat

  2. Joe said :

    big time high intensity. low intensity does absolutely nuthing. thts why so many heavier ppl see no results, cuz they go easy when they excercise

  3. Coach O said :

    Low intensity is the correct answer here. But wait there’s more. High intensity on an elliptical/treadmill is for cardiovascular fitness. Some weight loss will take place here but it is not maximized.Your optimal fat burning range is about 70-80% of your maximum heart rate. This allows you to not get out of breath and over work yourself while being able to steadily burn fat. In this range is where you’ll be converting and burning your stored body fat as fuel. Over all I would advise a great combination of high and low intensity exercise. In other words don’t just go to the gym and hang out on the elliptical. Ask a trainer about circuit training and other forms of exercise training that will allow for variety.


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