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low or high intensity exercise for fat loss?

i’ve been reading tons of different opinions on this topic.

is it better to do low intensity (target heart rate 120ish) for longer periods of time or or high intensity (target heart rate 165ish)?

i want my works out to help primarily help me burn fat however i also want it to help increase my metabolism.

what works best for this? (not including weight training)

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6 Responses to “low or high intensity exercise for fat loss?”

  1. jay jay said :

    to best burn fat you take your age and subtract it from 200. Then your target heart rate should be betwenn 75 and 85% of that number.

  2. Bender B. said :

    heres what worked for me: drop the car, drop public transport, ride ur bike everywhere. keeps me in shape!

  3. Bria D said :

    its better to do low, because when you are out of breath your actually burning muscle, so instead of running, maybe a jog + walk. eat extremley healthy foods, do pilates and yoga to tone out your body, as well cardio is good if you dont run out of breath

  4. Hutchy said :

    i’m not sure but i do my cardio at a average heart rate at about 180-200+ for about 15 minutes but i dont look to burn fat i would probably do mid intensity for as long as u can.
    hop on treadmill,indoor bike,and eliptical.
    then workout ur abs and ur legs so when u lose ur fat u wont look like a stick ull have some muscle, and muscle excellerates fat burn so it will help to.

  5. Fred Adams said :

    depends. for slow and steady the low intensity would be better but for quicker results the high intensity would be better.

  6. Mr G1 said :

    Get on a Stationary Bike and pedal normally for 5 minutes then pedal really fast for 5 to 10 minutes then slowly go back to normal speed…..It will be the best 30 minutes of your workout.Results will come quick


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