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What is an extrememly fast way to lose weight?

I’m 13 and I already keep a food journal, count calories (trying to stay between 1,000 and 1,500) and work out…a lot. I still need to know some exercises and foods that help you burn fat, though. I am basically living off of smoothies, salads, and sometimes a treat like an eggroll or something but basically mostly salads and smoothies. I’m starting to get tired of them so if anyone has any recipes (that dont include seafood) that are only 300 calories or under will you please post them? Also if anyone can tell me how to lose more weight faster or something I’m doing wrong..please help. Thanx in advance!

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7 Responses to “What is an extrememly fast way to lose weight?”

  1. DDD said :

    whatever you do, don’t become balemic or anarexic

  2. mmcd3182 said :

    a combination of not eating & when you do eat — puke it up.


    you are 13 and shouldn’t worry about your weight. Just be healthy & happy. Don’t fall into all the BS at such an early age — you might never escape it.

  3. Maude said :

    You’re too young to be worrying about that kind of stuff but I’ll bet you’re not going to listen to me and just keep doing what you’re doing anyway so I’ll try to help you. If you’re already doing all this stuff, I imagine you don’t weigh very much. Can you tell me your height and your weight?

  4. butwhatdoiknow said :

    you are messing up your metabolism

  5. jersey girl=] said :

    smoothies arent as good for you as you think!

    good luck!

  6. pochacco said :

    At 13, you shouldn’t prive yourself from all the nutrients you need. You are in your growing period and you need it all.

    Losing weight fast = Gaining MORE weight even faster than before when you will eat back as a normal person. Is this the way you want to live for the rest of your life?? I would suggest you to go see a dietetist if you REALLY have a weight issue. Some teenage girls think that being skinny is normal, but it’s not. It’s a sick trend.

  7. ljevtich said :

    I would stop doing the smoothies as there are lots of calories in them; I know because my husband & I tried them for over six months and we did not lose very much weight. And we were still hungry afterwards. What really helped us was Weight Watchers and eating a variety of foods and of course exercise. You need to do aerobic exercise. Your body also needs to have energy (calories) to lose weight and I think you are actually giving yourself too few calories. I would try to up the calorie count a little bit, say to 2000.

    Drink your milk with 1 or 2% fat, eat apples and berries (lots of fiber) have some lean meat (like broiled chicken or pork loin), eat oatmeal (not the little packs but the real stuff) for breakfast (my husband swears by it-and he lost lots of weight by having breakfast) have sandwiches with low cal bread and low fat meat or cheese with mustard for lunch and have veggies like brocolli and carrots (broiled or steamed) with your meat for dinner. Do not eat fried foods at all as they will set you back a bit. And lastly, drink your water – you do not talk about that at all and that is probably the most important thing about nutrition and being healthy. It will also keep you feeling fullish. One last thing, I would strongly recommend going to a doctor and a nutritionist to make sure about what you are doing and before you start to do any of these things recommended by anyone on this topic.


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