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What is an extreemely fast way to lose weight?

I am interested in losing weight fast, I need tips on this.

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15 Responses to “What is an extreemely fast way to lose weight?”

  1. emounigirl12795 said :

    well try eating really small amounts of food also exercise more tha usual

  2. Fairy Dust said :

    Lipo thats all .

  3. fabgirl111 said :

    Believe me, there isn’t. I’ve tried and tried and tried and I can’t. I’ve been using diet pills and at the same time eating less and exercising… it doesn’t work!!! nothing works 4 me but it might work 4 you.

  4. littlegreenalien said :

    losing weight fast is not healthy….you will get saggy skin

  5. M-Ceezy said :

    diet and exercise, dont starve your self, dont binge, and dont overexert, but dont slack off, balence them, exercise for about an hour, and choose healthy substitutes for some foods, like crackers instead of chips and hamburgers instad of hot dog, the weight should start coming off if you keep it up

  6. Carolyn H said :

    Is to go without eating for a couple of days and dine on fruits and jucies, take your vitiams.
    Drinking plenty of water is good.
    Avoid all white foods.
    Personally I do not think fast is good, slow is better.

    You must consider your health and be safe.

  7. princess said :

    take my opinion and don’t lose weight so fast cause its so un healthy try to work on a diet , i mean eat healthy food , play sports …it will work .

  8. Kaber said :

    Exercise and use fat burners i guess but don’t go too fast its very unhealthy

  9. AL said :

    Diet and exercise

    Also a spelling lesson!!!!!!!!!

  10. devil_queen_biatch14 said :

    fast dont work. it comes back faster n more. but stop drinkin sodas, teas, coffee, go to water..then stop eating junk food replace it with fruit n run 30 minutes a day if u can do crunches n cardio 45 minutes a day. plus use miralax to help u clean out ur system (now sold over the counter) barfing ruins ur teeth n can cause liver n heart failure I know I almost had one at age 14. if u must use diet pills the only one that really works is hydroxicut or metabilife Xtra use as directed though n it will work

  11. Al said :

    DO NOT DO CRAZY DIETS! and do NOT go annorexic… be honest, losing weight too quickly will not work because you just end up gaining it back really quickly. You should excercise daily, 25 minutes on a treadmill everyday will do wonders for you body, as you start getting comfortable with that you can also start doing crunches and situps everyother day. Make sure to drink A LOT OF WATER…….and to eat HEALTHFULLY…IF you are serious about this, limit your junk food intake, i only have dessert ONCE a week.

    Also, when eating meals make sure to divide it EQUALLY. Meaning:

    -Half veggies
    -A quarter protein (eg. chicken, beef etc.)
    – A quarter starch (eg. rice, noodles etc.)


  12. Bulb said :

    if you want to loose weight you have to work at it, stay away from heavy weights and lifting them because this will make your body gain muscle weight, do cardiovascular training such as swimming, running and even sex. this eats away at the fat content and if done for more than an hour it will start to eat away at the muscle. a good diet is also requited. eat complex carbs instead of regular carbs. complex carbohydrate will give you a steady release of energy where as you would get a burst of energy with regular carbs, this is usually never used up and turns to fat. stay away from all carbs before bed maybe eat a bowl of scrambled egg with cheese and a glass of milk before bed. this will repair the muscled from the exercise you’ve done throughout the day.

    stay away from unhealthy foods try and get your 5 fruit and veg a day. and 2 liters of water, you wont just loose weight you’ll be all round healthy.

  13. Beth D said :

    Low carb and lots of water.

  14. Aluu S said :

    To lose weight successfully,you should know the food that you eat can either make you THIN or FAT!!!
    Yes,it is really important.You should know the truth:
    1.Low Fat Foods DON’T always WORK…
    2.Low Calorie Diets DON’T always WORK…
    3.Low Carb Plans DON’T always WORK…
    I followed the guide above and I lost 7 lbs in 11 days and then 30 lbs in less than a month.
    I followed the guide on:
    Hope that works for you too.

  15. beckster said :

    Drink you water and stay away from sodas and potato chips. That is what my Dr. told me.


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