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what is a good way to gain muscle using only 10 pound weights?

Im trying to gain more muscle but all i have is 10 pound weights
what different types of excercises can i use and how frequent do i do them.

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5 Responses to “what is a good way to gain muscle using only 10 pound weights?”

  1. recalii said :

    Nothing!!! You must increase resistance to increase muscle mass

  2. kcg said :

    attach something really heavy to each weight. Not really possible otherwise

  3. Joey Kun miss you said :

    smaller weights build endurance an stamina, but for muscle mass, u need to have larger weights. try goin to walmart, i heard they have cheap weights. plas if u cent do two sets of 8 reps each arm, the weight is too heavy an ull hurt urself ♥

  4. fershofrash said :

    Do 50 wrist lifts and trust me you’ll feel the burn. Also, try doing push ups and when you go up ..pull the weight with you in one arm and switch to the other. Another way:
    1. Stand up straight
    2. let your arms hang next to your hips/thighs
    3. Finally, pick the weight up straight across and up like for 15 times and you will feel the burn in your shoulders and triceps.

  5. Healthy Helen said :

    using only 10 pounds it is simply really have to work hard if you want to gain muscles


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