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What is a good way of losing weight while school is in session?

I am fourteen and since school starts next week, I will not be able to excersize that much anymore because of school. What is a good way of losing weight even when school is going on?

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4 Responses to “What is a good way of losing weight while school is in session?”

  1. Lizy said:

    your still going to have p.e. everyday in school, unless your school is different. if so, you can try jogging to school instead, or wake up early in the morning to go jogging, then go to school

  2. eileen4330 said:

    Figure out how many soft drinks you consume in a week; the answer will surprise you.
    Reduce sugars, don’t use diet products, the tendency is to excuse overindulgence because “it’s a diet product”.
    Sellers of diet products have one thing in mind…keep you as a customer.
    Drink water instead.
    Never eat more than ten french fries in the same 24 hour period.
    use half of the salad dressing you normally do.
    Keep a food diary for two weeks and zero in on your worst habits and eliminate them and don’t eat after nine at night, seven if you can manage.

  3. Mela T said:

    In order to lose weight without exercise, you must have extreme discipline. This is from my personal experience. Also you must take daily vitamens and drink plenty of water instead of sugary juices, and soda. Bc in all, I lost 9lbs in one month and I have two more months to go to reach my ideal weight of 120lbs. My weight before I changed my eating habits was 147lbs, not good for a naturally small/short person.

    What I did! I became a healthy vegan. Meaning i only ate, cooked and raw vegts, 100%wheat products, oats,brown rice, variety of fresh fruits, not the syrupy kind in cans. Nuts/seeds, beans, some soy products. And baked treats was done at home, so I knew what was in it! Oh! PLENTY OF WATER!

    Now,what I did Not Eat was breads, non-wheat pasta, processed (artificial) cereals/foods, chips, candies, cookies, No Dairy Products at all (very hard so read labels). No sugars (very hard) less salt and NO meats!
    All in all, its very healthy and you will see a remarkable difference. However If you don’t want to be a vegan or can’t afford to. Just eliminate some of the above items like sugars, and processed foods with artificial/additives in it. And soda pop and yeasty foods like most breads.

    I hope this helps but truly you must make some time for exercise bc that will speed it up even more. That’s what Im going to do next.

  4. Vinnie said:

    First if your allowed get a bottle of water. Drink 2 bottles during the whole school day. The excercise part is when you are sitting in your desk. It seems weird but it works. Flex your stomach so it tightens, it is and ab workout and it works. Walking through the halls take your time just before class starts. And in gym try hard when you have to run or do excercises.


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