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What is a fast way to lose weight?

I want to lose weight fast, what is a way i can do it?

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9 Responses to “What is a fast way to lose weight?”

  1. care bears! said :

    it depends….how much do u way and whats ur age?

  2. blacknwhitepuma said :

    The fastest way is to not eat, but its the most dangerous. Just eat a lot of vegetables, watch your calories and fat, and exercise! Thats the best way, but its not as fast as being anorexic.

  3. dubya b said :

    CRACK no just playing any fast way is usually not a healthy one

  4. EviLm said :

    Well, first of all there is no healthy way of losing weight fast. I am actually going BACK on the atkins diet. It really works wonders. Look it up on the net or go to your local book store and look for the starter book on it. I lost 30 pounds in almost 5 months. This diet speeds up your motabolism and curbs your appatite. I love it and I think that it would be a new experience.

  5. chef_rayah said :

    CHeck out the website listed below
    I wont just say change your eating habits and excercise, because there is more to it than that.
    1. NOtice all your problem areas: what are you eating too much of, what are you lacking, where is the majority of weight situated on your body, why havent you ever excerciss…etc

    2. Then research. What can you do to solve these problems. Try to answer each question one at a time

    3. Choose the plan best for you: There are tons of plans out there. I reccomend not going on a diet but rather on a calorie/pyramid based plan where you steadily lower your calorie intake so that you do not have to worry about starvation mode fat coming back after you lost all the weigh.

    4. Implement the plan and keep a journal!
    Put your plan into work and stay on top of it. Keep a journal so you can view your preogressions and fall backs. Keeping an online journal helps you to have constant support.

    Check out the website below, you’ll find it very helpful

  6. Micromegas said :


  7. blueeyes_steffy said :

    The fastest way to lose weight is to do the following

    1. Stay active. (Go for a walk, dancing, etc…)
    2. Run for 30 minutes each day.
    3. Jumping jacks, puch ups, and all those other fun things
    4. Eat like a normal human being, but lay of the junk that won’t give your body what it needs…like soda, chips, etc.
    Snack on veggie’s and fruit and make sure you eat breakfeast.

    It worked for me but I snuck in Yoga.
    Hope that helps you

  8. [email protected] said :

    hi Baller: well an good balanced diet will get you started
    yes because nutritional &fittness can combine as complete
    “Arobic Basic Class taught in a great place for your needs
    refer then http://www.foodsmart/recipes

  9. zoso said :

    I Lost Weight Real Fast Eating Only Pita Bread And Tuna Fish NO MAYO use mustard, onions, pickles,cucumbers ,celery no Fat And Its High protein. Eat 94% fat free popcorn for munchies And remember that the stomache growls dont mean you have to eat, if they aren’t “heeded” the brain sends a signal to use some of the “stored” fat, thins you up, try it it works FAST good luck hope it helps!


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