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What happens to a tattoo if you lose weight?

I really want to get a tattoo possibly on the bottom of my back but I want to lose about a stone in weight and was wondering if that ruins the tattoo in any way?

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12 Responses to “What happens to a tattoo if you lose weight?”

  1. special-chemical-x said :

    It can get shrivelly

  2. pinkie_winkie_14 said :

    yeah it will make it shrink or sag or stretch out
    different thing happen do different people

  3. goldfishvase said :

    Just to be sure I’d wait and have the tatoo after you loose the weight. You could use it as an incentive to reward yourself after.

  4. South117 said :

    Well it might shrink a tiny bit smaller, but unless your losing like 100+ pounds I doubt there will be any flaws. Remember when getting a tattoo or piercing to go to a good place that keep their tools very clean.

  5. shimmybaby69 said :

    lets just say that a happy face tattoo gaona look depressed

    seriously, nothing will happen to it. you’ll look gorgeous.

  6. Giovanni T said :

    its on the skin therefor it will stretch.. like eg. a circle will become a oval.. because the fat underneath the skin will evaporate or get burned or whatever so the skin will be bigger than its suppose to be and it wil stretch

  7. *TrueAlaskan* said :

    It can sag and stretch depending on your age, genes, and personal body type. So basically I would suggest having the tattoo after you are a stone slimmer. Like a reward =P. I mean it’ll be nicer to look at if your in shape too!

  8. flu(bad)ence said :

    If you’re not losing too much weight, you should be fine. What you have to worry about more is gaining a lot of weight and getting your tattoo all stretched out (like women getting tattoos near their abdomens stretched out during pregnancy). You should be fine.

    I got mine on my shoulder, where weight gain/loss isn’t likely to occur, though, just in case.


  9. africanprincess12 said :

    uhhhhhh. no not really my sis is just like u she wants to loose weight and peirce her belly botton. and she got a tattoo but mostly it’s all good. gl(good luck)

    wit luv,and peace zii-zii

  10. myspacenerds said :

    Like the man before me said, “If you got a tattoo of a circle, after gaining // losing weight, it can turn into an oval.”
    Just becareful as to where you get it.
    & also make sure that they tattooist are well trained, & all the instruments are clean. Good luck<3

  11. beckski said :

    I should imagine it will stretch, not sure tho never had one

  12. Willie Hemmen said :

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