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How can I lose weight but not be left with loose skin?

Im about 4 – 5 stone over weight and I have made it my “new years resolution” to lose the weight and get fit.
Im scared I will be left with loose skin. Is there any way I can lose the weight with the skin?

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8 Responses to “How can I lose weight but not be left with loose skin?”

  1. HELEN N said :

    no,you will have loose skin,but good toning exercises will help, make sure you don’t lose the weight too quick either,that will help

  2. phoster said :

    losing that much weight, yeah there will likely be skin. the only way to repair that is with surgery, unfortunately. here is the thing though. the skin wont kill you. in the end, being overweight by 4-5 stone will kill you. i guess it becomes a lesser of two evils.

  3. babydeady said :

    with plenty of toning exercises maybe start going to the gym start off slowly and warm up beforehand and build it up gradually also walking can help

  4. x zoe x said :

    im glad you asked this q, iv been thinking the same iv been told if you just do plenty ov exercise jogging sit ups drink loads of water lay of the beer and also eat very healthy eat less more often it works im guna try it its my new years resolution too, keep intouch email me and tell me how your getting and i will too, ps it get rid of the excess skin also i want that also, zoe x

  5. sugarbee said :

    Youth surely helps, as the skin is more elastic and able to re-shape itself.
    Start exercising along with the diet plan…..this helps to keep the skin nice and tight.
    Best to you.

  6. donnajaneindigo said :

    if you lose the weight at a reasonable pace ie not too fast and also do exercise such as sit ups, cardio and some light weights then you should be ok.
    Its usually extremely fast weight loss that leaves people with excess skin.
    good luck by the way!

  7. Jeff d said :

    Well to answer your question it would take ime but here is a workout or thing that might help :

    1)Stop eating and excercise intensely. (time consumed: about a week, maybe)

    2) Dehydrate yourself. Do not drink any water, and you can lose up to 10 pounds (time consumed: a day or two)

    3) Get lipo-suction (time consumed: idk, i guess a few hours)

    4) Cut off a limb. (time consumed: instantaneous)

    More infomation the link:<--

  8. Percy Billegas said :

    Oh! Wow its actually a humorous and jockey YouTube video posted at this juncture. thanks for sharing it.


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