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What is the quickest way to lose weight by Friday?

I need to lose weight by friday; preferably like a stone, but just as much as i can really.
What is the best/quickest way to do this?


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7 Responses to “What is the quickest way to lose weight by Friday?”

  1. Alex said :

    Buy fat management tablets from holland and barrott e.g Chitosan (see label for allergies ETC) sounds stupid but do short jogs and runs wearing a bin liner, eat a healthy breakfast every day this will stop food cravings on the night time and just overall exercise as much as possible.


  2. Mooman said :

    It isn’t going to be easy but I would go with cutting out all food except that which is NATURALLY green. Jog for as long and as far as you can, but if you hate jogging then brisk walking (and I mean really brisk). Combine this with isolated weight training (easiest to do with your own body weight: pressups, situps, etc.). And finally drink tonnes of water and NOTHING ELSE, ONLY WATER. Good luck!

  3. Dr Frank said :

    Are you really serious? Reduce your calorie intake and exercise more, this is never however a quick fix option, but a lifestyle choice. If you start tomorrow you might realistically manage to lose 1-2lb in your first week.

  4. Yasminly said :

    take your stones out your pockets!
    well sorry your not going to lose a stone in a week sorry no one does.
    excercise and eat as healthy as you can untill then but don’t expect miracles.♥♥

  5. AJ ♥ said :

    OK, it is impossible to lose a stone in 5 days. It is recommended you lose no more than 2 pounds a week, but you can lose more.

    Drink A LOT of water. Like 5 pints a day, but be careful, you could damage your kidneys if you do it too long.
    Eat around 800 calories a day. And make it good food, not like a bag of crisps. A little from each food group.
    Exercise for AT LEAST an hour day. Running, star jumps, skipping rope would be perfect. You should push yourself so that you sweat and are out of breath.

    The weight you lose won’t stay off. Its impossible to lose a lot of weight permanently in a short time. Do some crunches before you go to whatever you want to look thin for lol, if its a special occasion that is. If you just want to lose weight fast in general, its not worth it, it won’t stay off.

    Good Luck. If you start feeling ill, start eating normally again. XxX

  6. Eman said :

    eat nothing but vegtable soup and once a day and for sugar have one apple

  7. Chayne said :

    Do the Atkins diet all meats, i lost 5 pounds in three days and 10 in that week and its not doing anything unnatural or dangerous just eat all protein. It works!!!!! Ive been doing it for three months and have lost 60 lbs.


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