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What foods should I eat if I want to lose fat, but keep and build lean muscle?

Im 15, 6’1, wrestle at the 189 weight class, and play football. what foods should I eat to lose any excess body fat, while retaining my current muscle mass and gaining more over time? I am taking a mass gainer after practices, with 50 g of protein, 800cal, and 3 g of creatine.

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3 Responses to “What foods should I eat if I want to lose fat, but keep and build lean muscle?”

  1. dickatool said :

    muscle gain has a lot of fat content in it….if u want to retain ur lean mass then u hav no need to bulk up with a mass gainer…u shud be goin for a protein shake with more absorption and less fat content per serving!!……add a lot of protein in ur diet(chicken,meat and fish)…..cut out the fat enhancing foods and work out!!

  2. greatfishinglife said :

    all doctors recomend a highprotien vegatarian diet!

  3. Steve Hunter said :

    Hey Bud,

    My name is Steve and I’m a personal trainer. I’ve trained several grapplers so I’ll cut right to the chase.

    If you’re trying to lose body fat, be careful with gainers. They are incredibly high in fat, if its only 50g of protein, that means only 200 calories out of 800 are protein. That means 600 is carbs and fat. This is way too much for a post-workout meal if you are trying to maintain muscle but lose fat. For someone your size, you should be eating about 90-100g of protein a day for maintenance, especially since you probably grapple on a daily basis. You should be eating about 2500-3000 calories a day if you are very active (at least an hour of activity a day). Do not shirk your carbs, you need them for recovery just as much as protein, same with fat. Make sure the fats you intake are unstaurated, like peanut butter, raw nuts, or fish.

    I train two brazilian jiu jitsu practitioners who had the same goal as you. They wanted to maintain their muscle but drop body fat. I put them on a program by BeachBody, the same company that makes P90X. It’s called Shakeology, its a shake you drink once a day for breakfast which has all your servings of fruits, vegetables, and other superfoods for the ENTIRE day. Your energy levels go crazy high and your fat storage goes way down. They both lost about 10 pounds of fat just by replacing their breakfast with the shake, and continuing their other eating habits and exercise.

    Give it a shot, I think you will like the results.


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