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How should i lose fat and keep muscle?

I have been working out for 5 months now. 3 times a week. i have been trying to gain weight and become big and bulky. I seemed to just get pretty fat even though the muscle is there. I weigh 160 pd and i am 5’11. I only gained 15 pd during the period and i am very frusterated. Now i jsut want to lose the fat and become tone and ripped. I am so angry about my body its unbelivable i dont know what to do.

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2 Responses to “How should i lose fat and keep muscle?”

  1. Fitness Coach said :

    Try the Fat X fat burning workouts. The videos are free at ..

  2. sweet wat said :

    Stop the fizzy drinks.
    exercise for about 15 or more everyday.
    Eat healthy food
    Drink alot of lemon juice or make it yourself and drink it instead of fizzy drinks much better.
    whenever you have nothing to do go for a walk


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