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What exercises can make my body and face slimmer?

I see Hilary Duff has slimmer body and face and i like the hard work she did. In my case, I also want to have a new look by having slimmer body and face.

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5 Responses to “What exercises can make my body and face slimmer?”

  1. jounin said :

    i don’t know how to do an exercise for a face to look slimmer but i know how to make a body look slimmer just follow this instructions:don’t eat between foods just eat 3 times a day,do push-ups and run a lot;this is how you should do it:30 minutes of exercises,2 times a day,6 days a weak;GOOD LUCK.

  2. bluealligatorclub said :

    Generally, you want to eat around five or six smaller meals today to keep your calorie balance in check. Spreading out the same amount of calories over a longer period of time helps your metabolism because you’re not overloading it at one meal.

    And eat foods that are good for you, too: whole foods like fruits, vegetables, lean and organic meats…generally, stay away from processed foods.

    You’ll also want to do strength training two to three times a week to keep your muscles toned, but don’t train the same muscles within around forty-eight hours of each other. Muscle burns more calories than fat.

    Cardio is great as well on days you don’t do strength, but make sure it’s something you like to do! There are so many options: swimming, riding a bike, running, tennis, dance, et cetera.

    Make sure you also take at least one day every week off so your body can repair itself.

  3. ○•○•Cassie•○•○ said :

    Her face is so skinny because she lost so much weight. There is not an aerobic exercise to lose face pudge you have to diet and exercise and it will come off your whole body.

  4. tom said :

    The first two answers are fairly good and thorough. Also, drinking lots of water and fruit juices instead of soda is very good for you. Walking and swimming are very good exercises to do. And don’t overdo it, keep it at a steady pace. You will do fine.

  5. ahealthnut_1 said :

    You get a slimmer face by having a slimmer body. You need to get some cardio everyday or most days. Focus on eating lean proteins, fruits and veggies and drink plenty of water. If you want to really see results you need to make sure your workout challenges you. Good luck!


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