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Burning fat around the waist: Do crunches and other targeted exercises actually work for fatloss as well?

I’ve been doing regular cardio and weight training at a gym with a trainer, which makes me feel healthier, but thus far has not led to weight loss for some reason (Doing 6-10 hours a week, of which half weight training), though maybe some fat loss and muscle gain.

Here’s my question: Do exercises like crunches which target the abdominal and lower back muscles actually help to specifically target fat around the waist? Are there any exercises that can atrget specific areas of fat? Or is the area where you gain weight simply genetically determined, and is overall weightloss through cardio/weighttraining and diet the only way to lose weight around the waist?

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5 Responses to “Burning fat around the waist: Do crunches and other targeted exercises actually work for fatloss as well?”

  1. Tricksta-Vic said :

    To the best of my knowledge, when you do crunches you are building the muscle under the fat. This aids in a trimmer waistline, but the cardio training is just as important to burn the fat which lies on top. Also the more muscle you gain the more fat you will burn. So doing both is important.
    For your other question you can only target specific muscles. Yes a lot of your shape is genetic but if you are like me, you fight it! Be persistant and don’t give up, slow weight loss is more perminant so keep that in mind.
    And your last question, diet and exercise may not be the only ways to loss weight but they are the only ways that work for sure and are 100% safe. It’s hard, but it’s worth it.
    Oh and one last thing, I suggest you do some research on apple vs. pear shape bodies. There are certain foods you can eat that are better for each body type. I am an apple and carry most my weight in my stomach. Pears have it in their hips in thighs. Apple shapes carry a greater health risk unfortunatly. So if this is you look into it, certainly couldn’t hurt!
    Good luck!

  2. ♥ Mixed Pr3tti Eyez♥ said :

    Here is a great exercise website..Maybe this will be able to help you a little….

  3. Allison said :

    There is no way to target a certain area of fat on your body. However, if you are looking to lose weight, aerobic activty is important because it burns calories. In order to lose weight, you need an energy balance, which means you should be burning off the amount of calories you are taking in.
    The thing about strength training is that it builds muscle. (It does NOT REPLACE FAT WITH MUSCLE) When you have a leaner body mass, you will be burning more calories all day.
    No matter how many crunches you do, you will not get rid of abdominal fat without cardio!!

    Get runnin!

  4. Six Pack Abs Guru said :

    No, you can’t target fat loss from specific areas of the body with certain exercises. You can get rid of extra belly fat through a clean diet and the right types of full body exercises. I’ve written extensively about the subject at the site below. There are tons of free articles to browse there:

    Good luck!

  5. Kathy J said :

    I’ve tried all different diets, and the weight loss is only temporary. I finally tried diet pills on the market are made from Hoodia. I saw this stuff on ABC News. It’s all natural and safe, and it works! My wife took it for a month and dropped 20 pounds. I took it for a month and lost about 13 (but I didn’t exercise).

    I bought the natural hoodia from this website: . I checked the web site address so I can post it here and I saw they’re running a promotion now to get a free 2 week sample for only $4.97! I’m going to order this supply for my wife and give it to her for Christmas =)


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