Is there a way I can lose the extra fat around my waist?

After having my first baby I gained a lot of weight. I lost almost all of it but i’ve been starting to get it back! I think I’ve been eating too much bread and fried food. I want to know if there is a way to lose weight fast. I saw a tea that helps lose weight at my local pharmacy but do you really think a tea could help??

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  1. aslania said:

    I doubt that it works, the fastest way to lose weight is to cut carbs. But it is not really a long term solution, it’s better if you just increase you level of energy output (working out, playing a sport, walking) and decrease your calorie consumption. But if you just had a baby, your hormomes might just be wacky right now and unstable causeing you to gain weight in the tummy area. You could have you dr. test your levels to see if it is the culprit.

  2. natasha_526_tx said:

    do reverse crunches, and oblique crunches. Swim a lot and make sure you take at least one 15-20 minute walk a day. Also limit your soda intake since they increase bloat in the belly and drink more water.

  3. adam h said:

    sit ups are a very good way

  4. philoseffie said:

    Try doing some aerobic exercise four or five times a week, combined with some toning like crunches on a Swiss ball or pilates.

    It’s best to avoid too many simple carbs and sugary or fried foods, as they contribute to fat around the middle. Try replacing white bread with whole-wheat or rye, white rice with brown, fried foods with baked or grilled and eat plenty of colourful veggies and fruits. Limiting your intake of carbonated drinks can help to reduce bloating, too.

    You’ll lose the weight much more quickly than you expect and doing it the healthy way will keep it off. Diet products like pills and ‘fat loss’ teas are really not worth it – if you want a good tea, try green tea for it’s health benefits.

  5. kkvic1 said:

    Gaining weight during preganancy is normal and the time it takes to lose those few inches varies greatly between each female.

    If you are wanting to lose the belly you need to start with your diet. Are you eating the right foods? you should be aiming for a high protein low carb diet consisting of plenty of water (2litres per day), fruits (both dried & raw,) vegtables and only eating wholegrain cerals foods such as bread, rice & pasta.

    Secondly you need to be exercising, in order to lose weight you need to find the balance of food and exercise, so if your not exercising a couple of times per week, you really need to start.

    You could use this time as you time (if there’s such a thing being a mum!!) Perhaps aim to go for a small walk around the block and gradually increase you distance. Also if you can start using those ab muscles!! Do a few sets of crunches whilst your watching tv, you’ll notice the difference!

    In regards to this tea, there are many forms of diet tea on the market. Basically to give you the run down on these teas, they are laxative teas. They will help you lose weight by “cleansing your body” but you will be running to the toilet a lot, and when it hits boy does it hit.

    The weight you will lose on these teas will be mostly water, which your body needs for numerous reasons:
    a) to hydrate your thirst
    b) keep your skin clearer and younger looking
    c) provides energy
    d) acts as a lubricant between you joints (such as your knees)

    Not only this, but this weight will come straight back on within a couple of weeks, so although this tea will make you lose weight, it is only for the short term and not for the long term.

    My advise is that if you are serious about losingthe tum tum, the change your eating habbits, incorporate exercise in to your life. If you are still adment, you could try tablets like Fat Blater. Alternatively you could also seek guidence from your local Dr and seek what stronger medication could assist you.

    Good Luck with it all!!

  6. Tammy S said:

    You can’t lose weight in one specific area. There is no “spot reducing”. If you lose weight normally your tummy weight will decrease too. Or you can have liposuction. The only over the counter drug that may help you lose weight is Alli ( a half strength version of the prescription drug orlistat, a fat blocker) It blocks a certain amount of fat you consume from being absorbed. That doesn’t give you free reign to eat as much fat as you want, there are bad intestinal symptoms that happen if you do overindulge. I have experienced that first hand believe me it is not pleasant. You are supposed to eat a healthy diet and exercise and the Alli will help you along a bit with the weight loss. As to the other over the counter diet aids pills, teas, patches, etc, all that is complete rubbish. If you believe any of their claims you deserve to lose your money. All the “studies” the companies cite are done by the company itself or someone they paid to do it so they get the results they want. The FDA does not approve these drugs. I don’t believe they even regulate them so what you are actually getting ín the drug or the amount of ingredients the drug contains could be anyones guess. My advice, lay off the bread a little ( you don’t have to give it up just don’t eat it in excess) and cut out the fried foods, they are bad for you anyway. And Exercise. There are a couple of sayings that can be applied here-” If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” and “A fool and his money are soon parted”. Don’t be that fool, use your common sense.
    Don’t fall for their Bull

  7. brian_burns78s said:

    Weight loss supplements operate in a grey area of consumer protection. They tend to be completely unregulated. Be very careful to check out what kind of tea you are getting – there are actually laxatives marketed for weight loss (this is called bulimia). Or, it is possible that the tea is largely milk thistle (which is used to detox your liver). If the tea is primarily milk thistle, you should be able to buy bulk thistle at health food stores and make your own tea. This is actually quite a good idea as losing fat will tax your liver and it is always good to keep that particular organ operating at its peak. There is a really good chance that this ‘quick weight loss’ tea contains an amphetamine of some sort. The problem with amphetamines is that they work by temporarily speeding up your metabolism. The problem is that once you get off the speed, your metabolism will actually slow down. Thus, you will end up gaining more weight than you lost.

    In my opinion, if any of the plethora of weight loss teas, pills, etc actually worked over the long term, the whole world would know about them. Doctors would hand them out to their obese patients. As far as I know, this does not happen.

    There is only one sure fire way to lose weight. Diet and exercise. Start off by throwing away your scale – scales will lie to you and make you feel like you’re not accomplishing anything. Eat five or six small meals a day. Eat lots of vegetables. Cut down on the amount of sugar you take in. Stop drinking pop. Stop smoking cigarettes. Consider supplementing with a multi-vitamin. Drink lots of water (ie – 2 liters per day) and exercise. Don’t join the legions of cardio addicts – mix up cardiovascular and weight training. If you can devote one hour per day, six days per week, mix things up so that you do three days of cardio and three days of weight training. If you really want to boost your metabolism, go for a walk every single day.

    For sustainable fat loss, your goal should be to lose one pound of body fat per week.


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