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What are the best exercises to remove fat around waist and tone your abs?

I am 21 and have skinny arms and legs, but there is some fat around my waist. What are the best exercises for getting rid of that fat and toning my abs?

I have tried several ab exercises, but they always tend to have a big impact on my lower back. Any recommendations? Thanks.
Also, currently I am taking protein and creatine to build muscle. I’m not sure if that changes any of the recommendation, but I thought I would through that in there.

There is a minimal amount of fat around my waist, but it’s just the type that won’t seem to go away.

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5 Responses to “What are the best exercises to remove fat around waist and tone your abs?”

  1. X said :

    try scooba steeves, crunches, situps, and swimming

  2. Cortex said :

    Ever wonder why runners have no bellyfat? Try it. If you hate running, swim laps or run up stairs/bleachers. If you want to try weight training, squats are the best exercise there is for your entire body, and should help you with your weak back (if you execute them properly).

  3. Jordane said :

    diet and exercise. Up your cardio to sculpt and tone your muscles (running is especially great and it will give you a total body work out) and the cardio will help you loose your waist bulge. In addition increase your protein intake (fish, red meat and protein shakes) so that you will build the muscle that is under your ‘fat’.

    Good luck.

    PS- Don’t forget to drink lots of water to flush your system but watch your salt or you will retain water weight. Fibre is good to keep you regular.

  4. tyler said :

    running. u have to get rid of the fat, and running is the best way. then after that the abs should be easy, just do crunched or something

  5. subic623 said :

    diet diet diet diet…you can do a million crunches in the world, but if you dont diet properly, you’ll never lose that excess fat around your stomach…eat several times a day (5-6 small meals throughout the day) and just be congniscent of what you eat, so just stay away from any junk food, sweets, chips, or any type of over eating…

    if you want to up your metabolism, you should try some interval training…meaning, lets say you’re running on a treadmil, set it on a jogging speed that you can cruise on 5.0 – 6.0…jog that for about a minute, then move the speed up to 8.0 to 9.0 (depending what you’re comfortable at) for about 15-30 seconds…then go back down to your cruise speed and jog that for about a minute…do this until you get in about 6-8 sprints. You’ll increase your metabolism like crazy and it’ll help you burn more fat. Plus you’ll get in a better cardio workout in a shorter amount of time than you would if you ran for 20-30 minutes on the same speed…try it out, it works!

    best of luck to you!


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