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Are there any over the counter fat loss pills that actually work?

I am not to out of shape just have belly fat I want to lose. I am trying to do cardio everyday and my diet is not to horrible. I just want a extra boost I guess.

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4 Responses to “Are there any over the counter fat loss pills that actually work?”

  1. Alex H said :

    Weight loss pills are never a good idea to take on a casual basis. Weight loss supplements are targeted towards people who are significantly over weight, no just out of shape, so they are often ineffective and dangerous for other people to use.

    If you just have belly fat the best thing is to just stick to heavy cardio and stay away from empty carbs. Don’t take a weight loss supplement.

  2. Mitchell C said :

    gmc fat strippers…most fat strippers at the same..

  3. daviy said :

    i actually lost over 30 pounds in less than 2 months last summer
    (i was 1 of the ppl that thought wuld never get skinny)
    i culdnt take people making fun of me and since i was going on vacation to mexico i knew id have to take my clothes off )


    so i finally found a diet that actually worked for me from
    they even helped me through it but thier diets work
    i went on the cabbage soup diet the first month and lost about 20 pounds and for the next 2 weeks before vacation i went on the fruits and vegetable diet and lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks

    i was so Happy…….. one of the happiest moments knowing you succeded

    thank i felt soo good

    u guys out there take hold of yourself and lose that weight im telling you u will be happy just skip a doughnut but in the near future u will be happy

    it is just the best taking off ur shirt proudly on the beach trust me

  4. Pithu said :

    I thinks Weight loss pills are a good idea to take on a casual basis. you can visit to read tips tricks abaout weight loss pills


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