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should I use creatine with fat loss pills for the gym? do the pills work?

I am working out at the gym, have been going for 2 weeks and already getting amazing results. I have been using whey protein shakes right after the gym every time i go. i am going to start creatine next week. I have some stomach fat/gut, and some love handles. i weight 160 pounds and i am 5’6″…i was wondering if i could use the weight loss pills to make my fat drop off fast. would the pills work and can i use it with the creatine?

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One Response to “should I use creatine with fat loss pills for the gym? do the pills work?”

  1. ben s said :

    Best way to get the love handles gone dispite what everyone may thing is diet. The fat burning pills will assist in this but it won’t make it go away. Creatine holds a lot of water weight but a good, starting supplement. Also include some interval training such as bike 30 sec. all out, 1 minute slowly, and so on for 20 minutes, that will burn all the extra fat off as well. Also, the best lifts that burn the most fat are full body lifts, such as squats, cleans, and dead lifts.


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