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What over the counter medicine or pills causes drowsiness?

Apart from Night Nurse and Benylin?

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12 Responses to “What over the counter medicine or pills causes drowsiness?”

  1. Starshine said :

    Syndol tablets, containing codeine, make me very, very drowsy. They are excellent painkillers for stress induced headaches and muscular pain, but beware codeine is addictive.

  2. Sam said :

    Any PM medication like Tylenol PM

  3. Pamela said :

    Over the counter sleep aids, cold medicines, allergy medicines.

  4. Jessica said :


  5. heidi s said :

    look on the box… it should say.

  6. mandi3939 said :

    There are a lot. It depends on what your body reacts to as well, some people get sleepy when they take Benadryl, I don’t, I get hyper. Why do you want to know? You might want to be talking to someone about how you are feeling.

  7. Scott said :

    Diphenhydramine aka Benadryl

  8. Greyeagle said :

    Some cold meds and really to many to list here!

  9. budlighttwacker said :

    There are a plethora of over the counter drugs you can get at your local drugstore including but not limited to:

    Tylenol PM
    Robitusin PM

    These medications although effective can have some unwanted side effects like feeling awful the next day and being irritable…

  10. b_bardi99 said :

    gravol makes me drowsy

  11. Rage Monkey said :

    The absolute best one is Piriton

    Its an allergy tablet and its absolutely knocks you out. Just dont operate any heavy machinery or drive !

  12. Kayla Renee said :

    Anything with ending in PM and Dramamine!
    Most PM’s take a while to make you sleepy.
    Dramamine is like 30 minutes max.


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