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What are the best exercises to do to lose fat around your midsection?

With grad school and full-time work, I have let myself go a little and have started turning into a “fat sack of fat”. Since school has ended for the semester, I have started working out at the gym (approx 2 hrs/day) and riding my road bike (18 – 25 miles). What are some other exercises I can do to lose “love handles” and a little belly I have gained in the past few months.

I am giving myself a 2 month time frame which I think is realistic for losing about 10 lbs.

Any help or exercises you know of would be a huge help!!
Oh, I’m not sure if this matters for specific exercises, but I’ve also cleaned up my diet. I’m mostly vegetarian, but eat chicken and take creatine and protein supplements as well as multivitamins.

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2 Responses to “What are the best exercises to do to lose fat around your midsection?”

  1. CuteThing4Ever said :

    Well I think you are doing every thing right….But if you want to know more exercises do a search at or someother place like that. Hope everything turns out:)

  2. Giggly Giraffe said :

    BOSU Workouts are designed to work your whole “Core” section.

    This is 1/2 of a ball that you can work with on the round ball side, or the flat side. It is recommended to do a BOSU routine with:

    20 Min’s Cardio. (ie: Mountain Climbers on either side of ball)
    20 Min’s Balancing routines (ie: Balancing standing on ball – Starfish).
    20 Min’s Muscle building (ie: Dead Frog).

    Visit for more into … BOSU’s found at sporting good stores w/ video … or many gym’s like Bailey’s have BOSU Classes.

    Honestly, there is not a better Core Workout anywhere … Professional Skier’s & Boarders (ME) love BOSU for increasing athletic ability


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