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What did Kim &Khole Kardashian use to lose weight FAST?

What did Kim & Khole Kardashian, use to lose weight FAST!
Plz I need help.
What’s the name of it?
Is it pills?

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4 Responses to “What did Kim &Khole Kardashian use to lose weight FAST?”

  1. Cabbie Luvr said :

    Liposuction. All you need is a LOT of money.

  2. Hubris252 said :

    They said it’s something called QuickTrim, Personally I think it was coke.

  3. Melissa said :

    They got lipo. And the lighting on them makes them look thinner. I have seen photos not retouched..Kim is a lot more out of shape than in the pictures with perfect lighting.

  4. Njk said :

    While more and more restaurants are offering low-carb friendly menu items, many of them are still not ideal low-carb fare. There are many recipes for quick and easy meals that you can prepare yourself at home. Try to do this as often as possible.
    If you cook your own foods, you know exactly what the contents are and you will be able to better control for hidden sugar and otherwise processed foods.
    Another benefit is the cost savings over the long run. Even if you must go to the grocery store more often, you will save a significant amount per meal as opposed to eating at restaurants and fast food establishments.
    It will also be easier to maintain your diet with your own favorite fresh food selections on hand.


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