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What are the temporary bad effects of stopping smoking?

I’m quitting smoking, and I’m currently suffering from a horrible cough and a bout of acne. A friend told me that stopping smoking has temporary bad effects, but could not tell me what they were or how long they last.

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9 Responses to “What are the temporary bad effects of stopping smoking?”

  1. xo_hippie_xo said :

    the coughing is temporary,the weight gain is 4-ever

  2. san_mateo_guy said :

    obviously the withdrawal feelings. Some gain weight, some do not. Try using mints to pop in your mouth when you crave something

  3. ME said :

    The temp bad effects are not nearly as bad as the horrible long term effects smoking causes.

    Your body is going through withdrawl.

  4. amy p said :

    I have been a non smoker for almost 2 years I myself did suffer from a bad cough and cold that is the nicotine working itself out of your body u will feel like crap for awhile. The acne is prob. u have been eating different since you are trying to quit. Just stick with it and it will eventually go away and you will feel like a new person ……I Do! It is worth it. Just hang in there! It will last about 2-3 months or so and get better every day.

  5. dixiegirl687 said :

    you eat. a lot.

  6. ashley42066 said :

    As for the acne, your hormones are going into a rage right now, your probably very stressed and mind crazy for the moment… Acne has nothing to do with what you are eating. i wish people would let go of that myth.. If its bothersome go see a dermotologist, but im sure it will go away once your hormones and stress settle down. The coughing is definatly gunna happen. you are releasing all of the phlem and nasty ness stuck to the lining of your lungs, you will eventually start coughing up nasty lookin stuff… but hang in there, it is MUCH better than dying and having mass medical bills from cancer right?

  7. Jenna M said :

    Here is what you need to do. Get the nicotine patches. They limit your intake and they will eventually ween you off of the nicotine. This will cut out the acne, and the cough. (the cough is your body getting rid of the nicotine stuck in your body.) These will also help if you start getting head aches or added stress that you get without nicotine. You also need to EXCERCISE! without this, you will gain a lot of weight because without smoking, your body goes into a hibernation state which make you want to eat more. Limit your calorie intake and eat normal sized meals with a healthy snack in between each meal. This will keep your matabolism speed up. (My mother in law gained like 50 pounds because when she stopped smoking she began to eat like a pig and she sat around all day, so make sure you get plenty of phisical activity! :o)

    Good Luck, you won’t regret stopping!!!!!!

  8. lovely said :

    Your body can adjust pretty quickly to quitting smoking. The first 72 hours are the most difficult, while there are still traces of nicotine in your body. After the first 72 hours withdrawals will decrease slightly, but it still takes 10 to 20 days before your body will be accustomed to the absence of nicotine in your system.

    Your concentration will most likely decrease. This is not simply because of the craving, it is the lack of your usual does of fatty acids and sugars which many don’t realize ciggarettes contain. This is the reason so many people start to eat alot while they quit, which is fine, as long as you keep your body moving and occupied. Pig out on suger if you need to, but keep healthy, walk and get the adrenaline pumping- This WILL help I assure you.

    Your sleep patterns will change, which can cause you troubles sleeping. Nicotine affects our adrenaline, which affects our sleeping. You may sleep more or less, it varies person to person.

    You’ll probably find your breath to be a little more intense then usual. Your mouth, lung and throat tissues need a good flushing out to help rid them of the remains of the nicotine and smoke. Drink tons of water to help it along.
    Around this time your sense of taste and smell will begin to return to normal.

    Some people get physically sick, nausea, diarehea etc. Not all that fun, but only in passing, and it’s worth it believe me!

    The psychological symptoms are there as well of course, these include : nervousness, anxiety, irritability, frustration, anger, rage, tension, jitters, shaking, shakiness, inability to concentrate, and more.

    Some smokers even react to quitting smoking with depression, as the withdrawl and missing of the smoking itself is grieved as a loss. This is normal, but watch yourself and be aware of it. If you feel out of control, then you need to talk to someone you can trust to help you keep your head on your shoulders.

  9. David W said :

    The toxins which have accumulated in your body are gradually being released. This will continue for several weeks, as there is an enormous amount of toxin from the tobacco and the 50+ chemicals in a cigarette.
    You could speed up the release, and avoid weight gain, by fasting for five days on just water and fruit juice. Orange juice is good to replace the vitamin C lost through smoking.


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