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What are the side effects of stopping smoking?

mood swings and psychological effects of stopping smoking

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11 Responses to “What are the side effects of stopping smoking?”

  1. SlainSoul said :

    You may gain weight.

  2. hop0409 said :

    You’ll be healthier, you’ll have more money, you’ll have less chance of getting certain diseases like ephysema and cancer, you’ll feel better, you’ll smell better and, oh, might gain a couple of pounds.

  3. worldssmallestcat said :

    An increase in your lifespan, a healthier existence, extra money in your pocket, lower insurance premiums, a better overall smell, non-yellowed fingernails.

  4. hert828 said :

    Well, you can have withdrawals, which can cause you to be moody and short-tempered. You can also gain weight. The reason why a lot of people gain weight after they quit smoking, is because many people smoke INSTEAD of eating… and when they quit smoking, they eat more. So as long as you eat right and stay active, you should be able to avoid the weight gain though.

    Good luck!

  5. scooby doo said :

    It will vary with each person, its hard to say what your side effects will be mentally in comparison to someone else

  6. azaad_khayal said :

    Its Great to quit smoking for health, and yes like other people said that you might gain weight, don’t worry about it,make a habbit of working out daily and you will be fine!:)

  7. meno215 said :

    You will feel irritable for a short time. You will have a bit of spaceyness. Your blood sugar will be lower which might make you hungry. Your metabolism will slow. Your mind will play tricks on you trying to convince you not to stop. BUT, if you do, the next side effects will be: fresh breath, no panic as to where to smoke, clean clothes, clean fingers, clean lungs, increased energy and time not to mention an extended life span!

  8. spingirl1978 said :

    There may be irritability, decreased threshold for stress or conflict, and minor emotional instability during the withdrawal process. Cravings are also common. Some individuals may gain weight, though the typical amount gained is between 5 to 7 pounds.

  9. Henry said :

    Always wanting a cigarette

  10. megancrtr said :

    There are some temporary unpleasant side effects, all of which are quite tolerable: See
    But even better are the improvements that start the first day and last for the rest of your life: See

  11. luvouhellen said :

    You might gain weight,you will be moody,shakey,they best advise I can give is to ask your doctor to give you some info on it.


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