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A not so nice side effects of stopping smoking?

I recently stopped smoking (about 6 weeks ago) – and when i go to the toilet – my pee and poo is a lot stronger smelling than it used to – my my poop is a lot darker than it usually is (not that i check everytime i take a dump lol) – i am wondering if it is because i am getting rid of all the crap and toxins from my body i had from smoking

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4 Responses to “A not so nice side effects of stopping smoking?”

  1. Peter said :

    No this has nothing to do with smoking. If your urine starts to get darker you should see a doctor, otherwise it’s most likely your diet.

  2. JLYNN said :

    It’s probably because you’re getting your sense of smell back.

  3. CHANDU P said :

    congratulation, so do not start smoking again, your sense of smell back, darker poop may be your diet can change colour.

  4. Jasmine said :

    It’s not weird. I quit smoking and the same thing happened to me. I used to go like clockwork, but now…not so much. It could just be that since you’ve stopped smoking so you’re eating more junk food and that is the cause. I would say just drink more water and your body will eventually get itself back on track.


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