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Stopping Smoking & Drinking heavily side effects?

My Dad who is now 54, has been drinking heavily & smoking heavily since he was about 21 years old..

He has tried stopping several times but usually just falls back into the same routine.. He is obviously addicted to both of the two..

If he stops these things are there side effects because his body is so used to them..

PS. He hasn’t had any health problems in the however many years its been

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One Response to “Stopping Smoking & Drinking heavily side effects?”

  1. BJW2600 said :

    One of the main side effects that people get when they stop smoking or drinking and or both.. is headaches. They get pounding headaches due to their body not getting these substances. Especially with smoking because of the nicotine withdrawal. So that could be why your dad just keeps falling back into his old habits is because he feels “like shit” when he does stop. This is something if he wants to happen, he needs to understand that he will feel sick and not up to par when he stops these but if he sticks with it, his body will get over not having those substances and he will be fine.


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