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What are the steps in gaining muscle weight?

I just killed my body. I lost so much weight that along with fat, I lost 10 pounds of muscle.
Here are my questions:
1.What’s the first step in gaining muscle weight? WITHOUT gaining anyyy fat?
2.How much calories do I need daily?
3.How often do I work out? Do I need protein bars or shakes?

I’m 15 by the way.
I’m sorta tall, around 5’6 and 120 pounds.
I look like skin and bones with no muscle at all.

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7 Responses to “What are the steps in gaining muscle weight?”

  1. Brandon S said :
  2. rookie35m said :

    I hope all the knuckleheads out there that think losing “weight” versus losing bodyfat is the solution, read waht you wrote. Dieting alone makes you skinny fat, flabby and weak. You are going to have to up our calories and perform weight lifting. Start at 1800-2000 calories and go up from there. You won’t gain bodyfat if you work out right.,

  3. Amanda said :

    well you would need to gain a lil bit of weight gradually as you build muscle because your body needs fat to build muscle or you will look sickly! you can work out as often as you want! if you want to look lean and have lean muscles then work with small light weights and stretch very well before and after you work out! eat alot of protein! and a good amount of good grain! like whole wheats!

  4. Steve said :

    haha rookie believes in bulking and cutting! haha you can stay lean and gain muscle just by eating right and exercising more.

    first how do you know you lost 10lbs of muscle? your a girl so i’d say 10lbs of muscle would be fairly devastating.. as theirs a girl i work with who probably only has 10lbs of muscle 🙂 shes cute though..

    but as for you.. i’d say just stick to some good compound exercises and go high weight low rep and you’l gain the muscle back fairly quickly, you know the whole muscle memory thing.

  5. Mr Gia said :

    the only way to regain muscle mass is to gain weight like me i used to be 120 pounds now im 140 and once i get to 150 pounds im going to start to workout and ill be a good 130 pounds pure muscle as for the calories i would say around 2000 depending on your age group i would get that checked it aslso has to do with how active u are and all of that i would say to do rotation for example wok on your upper body on monday and your lower body on tuesday then take a 1-2 day break because how it works is after a day of working out if u rest ur muscle will expand and heal because what happens when u work out is u strech and rip the muscle and if u give a it a day or two to heal thats how u get big gun like mine jk no my guns arnt amazing anyways for food wise eat alot of protein and get ur calcium and fibers because that will help speed up the healing process oh and just a little tip after working out have a banana it will help u in the morning greatly by making u less sore… good luck 😛

  6. Anabolicrocha said :

    heres a way to calculate how many calories u need while kepping fat low

    BMR = 66 + ( 6.23 x weight in pounds ) + ( 12.7 x height in inches ) – ( 6.8 x age in year ).

    that will give u how many calories u need to stay the same. to add a lb of muscle a week u would have to add 500 calories to ur BMR or to loose weight cut down 500 calories

    take ur BMR+500 cals use this chart to figure out how many protein, carbs and fat u need
    Protein: 40% Total Calories
    Carbohydrates: 40% Total Calories
    Fat: 20% Total Calories

    carbs=4 calories
    protein= 4 calories
    fat =9 calories

  7. Shankar said :

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