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What are the best exercises to slim legs and cankles?

I know you cannot spot reduce fat, but to generally slim down etc…

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8 Responses to “What are the best exercises to slim legs and cankles?”

  1. LJ :P said :

    well running is always a good way to work off and extra fat
    even if you are only about to run for 5 min it is still better than
    nothing also if you go to the gym they have leg machines that
    will help you increase muscle and the more muscle you have the
    more fat your body will use

  2. nubian said :

    Cycling…not in the gym. Get out there amongst the roadworks and traffic and cycle.

  3. mac_fixit said :

    Walking, running and a sensible diet.

  4. Claire C said :





    The top 3 are generally very good for all over bodily slimming and all have particular focus on the legs.

  5. Pomella said :

    Seriously…I’ve always been bothered by my legs, and unfortunately the only thing I have ever found to be effective is to starve myself anorexic. NOT A GOOD IDEA. I REPEAT, DO NOT DO THIS. Instead, now that I’m ok, I try to tone up the muscles – my calves and ankles don’t look thinner, but they look more shapely. If you exercise enough (any ordinary exercise involving your legs), you can get your calves to bulk up, making your ankles look thinner by comparison. Best thing to do is to just accept your legs as they are! Life is short, and I bet you won’t be mulling over how you should have spent more time obsessing over your legs when you’re old!

  6. Satchmo J said :

    anorexia might help.

  7. John T said :

    you cant slim ur ankles…
    but order the lateral thigh trainer. its amazing.

    if you wanna go sheap. run and walk.x

  8. Oliver T6 said :

    There are loads of exercises for your legs, but I think you have a unique body part in your cankles, so might I suggest praying to be normal?


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