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What are some tips to a kid losing some fat?

My little brother is 14 and has a little extra fat on is stomach and his waist. He really wants to get rid of it. It isn’t that bad. He is about 5ft 3 inches and 110-115 pounds. You can’t tell he has this fat when he has his shirt on but when it’s off he is embaressed. What are some tips to effectivly and hopefully quick ways for him to lose it?

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4 Responses to “What are some tips to a kid losing some fat?”

  1. Porto man said :

    5’3? That’s a small kid. I think your that kid…. Just cut the soda/sweets/fats and run 30 minutes a day

  2. Alexis B said :

    At his age, it’s very possible it will disappear on its own as long as he eats healthily and stays active– it all depends on genetics. The other good news is that his metabolism will probably be kicking into it’s highest rate ever.
    If he’s still set on addressing it immediately, the principle for weight loss is simple: spend more calories than you eat. So if he’ll be sure to eat healthily (low fat, low carb, etc.) and engage in some exercise (specifically cardiovascular activities like running or swimming) 3 to 5 times a week he should see some results.
    If he’s already doing these things, then his best bet is to let nature run it’s course and make of his body what genetics intend.
    Be wise about not taking anything too far, because it could mess up your metabolism permanently resulting in life-long weight issues. Be healthy and you will feel healthy! Good luck!

  3. Tamago said :

    sit ups ?

  4. Aezler said :

    At the age of 14 your brother is actually at the ideal weight if not below it for a person of his height. Much of our imagery on TV screws with our perception of an ideal body, considering that most pictures display men with ripped abs whose body fat percent is actually anywhere between 5-8% if not lower. In reality, a healthy male should expect to have around 13% body fat. You can find many of these calculations on websites with calculators where you type in simple information such as So if your brother thinks he’s fat, it may just be him comparing himself to the media.

    As far as the responses involving Acai Berry trials, do not listen as anything involving a trial is a scam, and companies will keep charging your card regardless of if you called to cancel. And at 14, I doubt you have that kind of money to spare.

    If he is really determined to lose fat, than a simple change in caloric intake and exercise is all that is needed. Most people underestimate their caloric intake by a lot, so it is important to keep honest track of how much you have consumed. According to that website I already linked, a kid of your little brother’s stature would want to eat about 1400 calories to lose weight, and can increase this amount by 1900 calories a day by simply adding moderate exercise to his week. Moderate exercise usually includes some sort of constant cardio for 20-30 minutes a day, or walking for longer periods of time if he doesn’t want to run.

    Remember to carefully keep track of your calories! You can use websites such as Fruits and vegetables are your best choice, but be sure to eat your carbs and proteins as well, just as long as you limit them. As a kid its easy to want to reach for the items such a pizza pockets, but items like this are loaded with calories so you are better off eating a turkey sandwich instead!

    One last note: working specific areas of muscle does not reduce fat in that region. The body chooses when and where it will lose fat. I suggest jogging as his moderate exercise.


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