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What are some great ways to lose weight fast?

I gained 80 pounds during my pregnancy. Over the last seven months I have lost half of the weight. However, it seems as if the remaining 40 pounds is here to stay. I need to lose this weight within the next 5 months. Im not a big eater, actually I usually eat a lunch and nothing else. Please help, I cant take it anymore!

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8 Responses to “What are some great ways to lose weight fast?”

  1. Jamaican Heat said :

    drink only water and dont eat and you’l lose like 7 pounds in 2 days =) good luck

  2. Mani said :

    I guess you need to reduce the starchy substances and more orage juice

  3. Ha Ha Charade You Are................... said :

    Well, I’ve lost 30 lbs since Sept. 1. I take Phentermine, drink only water, and eat 1 balanced meal a day. Might not sound healthy, but it’s coming off fast. I don’t have patience to be on a diet for a year! I want to lose 49 more lbs. I’ll worry about eating healthy when all the weight is off.

  4. nurfarizah1979 said :

    Cut on carb… But if you can manage to starve yourself than it will be much quicker to lose weight… & don’t forget to exercise…

    Good luck to you… (^_^)

  5. sarge927 said :

    Do yourself a favor and DON’T use diet pills, fat burners, or any other “miracle weight loss” drugs. They mess with your metabolism and cause all kinds of other problems like sleeplessness, irritability, anxiety, heart palpitations, etc. Plus, once you stop taking them your metabolism gets even slower than it was before, so you gain all the weight back with interest. Diet and exercise are really the best way to go. You may want to check out “The Abs Diet” by David Zinczenko (available at just about any book store, the cover is BRIGHT orange). I lost over 20 pounds in 4 weeks on that plan and I didn’t have to give up everything I love to eat. It doesn’t involve complicated meals or exotic foods or cutting out entire food groups either. It’s worth looking at.

  6. rdnkchic2003 said :

    I’ve tried the South Beach diet. It worked well, but I personally cannot stick to a diet. I think it was exceptionally hard on me having to cook three meals a day, plus cook or alter something else for dinner for my husband because he’s a picky eater. You’ll have a well balanced diet that works to keep you healthy, but you’ll lose weight without exercise, although exercise helps more. If you eat a variety of things, and you’ve got the extra time to cook then I say go for it. If you’re a stay at home mom, this would be perfect for you. But I couldnt cook my three meals, plus two snacks and my husband’s dinner in the time I have when I get home from work.

  7. roger c said :

    drink water and dont eat and if you fell real hungery just sleep it out…and i know you need food so during hunger times just eat salad or as i said sleep it out ……this is a killer diat so just try it for a few days and see if you see reults.,,,

  8. Healthy Q said :

    You might think about trying this book called “The Movie Star Diet” by Steve Simmons. It helped me lose thirty pounds in 2 1/2 months when I didn’t think anything would work. My goal to begin with was only 20 lbs! It has a really easy plan to follow and an excellent workout as well.


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