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trying to lose fat fast by sprinting any other good ideas?

I am sprinting now doing about 3 times a week 10 ten second sprints with one minute of rest in between, I am losing weight quite rapidly and now im not losing quite as quickly. I have been doing this for about a month now and I was at about 230lbs and now I am at 208lbs and I just want to keep losing the fat off my body, is my body getting used to it? Should I go for longer sprints which I hear uses more aerobic parts of your body or more 10 sec sprints? Also I do weight lifting for all major muscles, but is my squats im doing hindering my body, with slow twitch muscle development. All I am looking for is to see my 6pack again. I probably need to lose 20lbs of fat more to get to that goal. What other anaerobic exercises can I do to get the same results as sprints?

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5 Responses to “trying to lose fat fast by sprinting any other good ideas?”

  1. raagni said :

    Yes do it longer. Look for aerobic exercises on google.

  2. Cats&Lollipops said :

    First of, congrats on losing that weight!

    And yes, your body has got used to your routine that it has adjusted to the 10 second sprints. You can increase to 15 or 20 seconds and keep within the number of times you do it. Or you could still keep to 10 seconds but add on more, so instead of 15 minutes of 10 second sprints you could do 30 minutes (just as an example).

    Other anaerobic excercises I can think of are fast jumping and skipping. I do know boxers can jump and skip fast, though not completely sure if they go according to the number of skips they do or skip within a length of time. Maybe you can come up with your own pattern of skips or jumps, just be sure to take a quick breath in between.

  3. NVAJacketFan said :

    Lengthen the sprint to 15 sec.

    Do swimming on the off days as a way to raise your metabolism on the off days.

  4. mararadha said :

    honesty, probably not the answer you want to hear, but try slow distance. start with three miles, ten minutes each. 30 min of running will help. you can add this into your sprinting routine, or alternate days of distance and sprinting. this will REALLY help.
    good luck! i’m trying to lose 10 or 20 too. = )

  5. n0witrytobeamused said :

    Whoa whoa whoa! Be careful!
    I had some problems with too much shock when I was running speed workouts…at 150 pounds! That was a long time ago I’m afraid.
    Running fast feels like you’re doing something asserttive and powerful to lose weight, but long distance at a steady speed is better. Not only does an 8 mile run burn a lot of calories, it changes your body chemistry. I can’t have candy in the house because I’ll eat it all, but when I’m running long distances I lose my taste for it and other unhealthy food.

    Based on your weight, you need to have a great pair of running shoes and replace them often. I replace them every 300 miles because they go flat by then, so be careful with the high impact of sprinting. You also run a high risk of injury by sprinting; waiting a month for something to heal would be a bummer. Most of my injuries came from pushing for speed.

    As you run for longer distances, your heart will get very strong too. But most of all you burn the fat away fast once you’re running a 10 miler on the weekend or getting above 30 miles a week.
    Make sure you take time off every few weeks to allow your body to heal deeply. Four days off in a row at the end of each month lets your mitochondria replenish, your muscles heal fully, and gives you a huge burst of speed the next time you run (warm up a little more that time).

    I agree with a speed session each week; it’s fun and does build muscle. But the long distance is what gets your body fat ration down to 8%, which will show your six pack nicely.


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