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Smoking does it stop you from losing weight ?

I know when you stop you can put weight on but does it stop you from losing when when you are smoking thanks

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13 Responses to “Smoking does it stop you from losing weight ?”

  1. Knk said :

    not directly but it will hinder your cardio capabilities because of all the crap in your lungs

  2. Orlando G said :

    It’s all about controlling your impulses. If you reach for food instead of the cigaratte like you used to, then of course you’ll gain weight.

    When you feel the urge to eat, chew gum instead and you’ll be fine. I know because i did it, and I still kept losing weight when I quit smoking. Good luck.

  3. ~MiKelli~ said :

    No quite the opposite. It increases your metabolism thus burns the food you eat faster.

  4. Ashera said :

    For some people, smoking can reduce feelings of hunger and cause them to eat less. But, this is a stupid way to lose weight. The other negative impacts to your health aren’t worth the few pounds you may lose.

  5. Nikki said :


  6. abc123 said :

    you only gain around 5 pounds but some people do lose weight after quitting. It makes it harder for you to exercise so in a way it does but it raises metabolism and decreases appetite.

  7. fifi said :

    It depends on what type of lifestyle you are living, if you try and eat a well balanced diet, don’t drink too much alcohol and do regular exercise then you should be ok. If you really do want to stop smoking then I think you should be able to keep the weight off and that it is ok to eat more as long as it is healthy food such as fruit and veg, especially things that you have to peel like oranges and carrots which also gives something for your hand to do.
    Also after a while you should start to feel much more energetic so you should take advantage of that and do some exercise like walking or swimming, and with all that money that you will save then you could treat yourself to some nice clothes or some beauty treatment.

  8. Karem said :

    how old are u when u started smoking and when u stoped????

  9. Betty B said :

    No, it should not…
    I don’t understand what you mean.
    It’s like you’re losing weight now and are wondering if you start smoking, will your weight loss stop??
    (because it you are smoking now, you don’t need to lose weight, since you don’t eat much).

    When you stop smoking, you rediscover hunger so you want to eat more and therefore could gain weight. You can manage by keeping your hands busy at all time (squeeze toys, playing the piano, whatever) and your mouth full at all time with no calories (chewing gums) or low calories food (carrots sticks, celery).

    If you’re not smoking now, don’t start. It’s easy for me to say…I was told the same and ignored that good advice so…ultimately, you’ll do what you want to do.
    It’s easy to start smoking (just a little coughing and spitting here and there) but then when you want to stop because you’re tired of spending all that money on cigarettes, or having yellow teeth and bad breath and coughing like crazy every morning, while looking disgustingly at what is coming out of your lungs, that is if you lucky otherwise you keep it in and get lung cancer. When you get tired of being constantly in extreme physical pain, like you can’t breath because you need a smoke (like in a movie theater or any smoke free environment), when you realize that the only pleasure you get out of it, is just because the pain stops and contradictorily, getting some smoke in your lung will make you feel like you can breathe again, then it takes you 10 to 20 years to finally kick the habit, after numerous unsuccessful tries, if you’re lucky.

    The action of nicotine in the body is very complicated. It is a stimulant (heart, brain, nervous system), it gives you diarrhea and makes you want to vomit until you get used to it so you’ll have to get bigger doses for those symptoms to appear. But it also reduces stress and anxiety (this is why soldiers get free cigarettes). So nicotine is both a stimulant (high doses) and a depressant (low doses). It is an extremely addictive drug and the more you do it, the more you need it so you will never be really satisfied by the amount of it.
    Nicotine is also an appetite suppressant which explains why French people are so thin. I’m French and I used to smoke and I know what I’m talking about…like oops, look at the time, I forgot to eat dinner!…while chain smoking.
    Nicotine is also a laxative. For years, I would get my daily urge after a cigarette. Then when I stopped smoking, I got constipated. After two weeks, nothing happened. I was patiently waiting for my body do adjust but it could not function without the nicotine. So one day, I took a cigarette in my bathroom and lit it up and got one or two puffs in order for my body to get the urge and everything came out! And since I was supposed to have stopped smoking and nicotine has a strong smell, I had to hide my “one or two puffs” from my family by blowing the 2 puffs out the window, changing my clothes, brushing my teeth, gargling, taking a shower, washing my hair…but I was still caught by my son walking through the backyard (he never said anything but from that day on, he knew I was a lying sneaky little b).

    When I used to smoke, I loved the stimulant effect on my brain. I could think clearer, feel smarter and write better. Some professional writers or journalists cannot stop smoking because then they would have to stop writing. Just after I stopped smoking, I could not think straight anymore. It takes a few years to get your thoughts barely in order again.
    I loved the appetite suppressant effect so I would never be hungry and stay thin effortlessly. Now I have to eat and exercise…bummer.
    I loved the laxative effect and be very regular…now I have to eat a healthy diet with fruits, veggies and fibers!
    I stopped smoking because of the pain caused by not having a cigarette. Having to hide packs here and there in my house so I would not run out. Having to go out in the middle of the night to buy some more in a opened gas station, because I did run out. Not enjoying a first class trip on a plane with caviar and Champagne just because I could not smoke. Feeling like I could not breath, in a movie theater, while watching some actors having a smoke on screen (smoking should be illegal in movies until smoking should be legal in movie theaters). The health issues, the cancer, the coughing, the bad breath, the money spent …they’re all secondary when you have an addiction.

    I wish you the best.

  10. Dr Grisham said :

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  11. RumbleRoller said :

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  12. Lester Orvis said :

    Its crazy how much more attention I aquire from the other gender when I smoke cigars!

  13. Miesha Duden said :

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