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How can i stop my dad from smoking?

He’s reaching the half century mark in about 2 years and I’m really starting to get worried for him. I understand how hard it is for him to quit smoking but I want to say something to him that will make him stop. I am his 16 year old son, and he should care about my life and his life. My friend stopped his father from smoking by saying to his father that if he doesn’t stop smoking, that he’ll start. I can’t say that to my dad because he knows my friend said that to his dad. Any suggestions?

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8 Responses to “How can i stop my dad from smoking?”

  1. Pancakes P: said :

    Actually, you can say what your friend said. And even bring a cigarette but dont light it. Bring the lighter and everything and be like I’m seriously going to start now if you dont stop. Buy him some nicotine patches and also call your doctor and make an appointment for him. Hope it works, I know how you feel, (my uncle smokes). good luck!

  2. Declan4Mac said :

  3. rainyinferno said :

    You can’t.

    Nobody is going to stop smoking until they are ready and make a conscience desicion to quit smoking.

    When that time comes, be supportive and try and keep him on the right track.

    If you feel you must say something, just tell him how it makes you feel.

  4. PrincessShona said :

    Actually, my dad smokes a lot, too. He smokes 3-4 cigarettes a day. But before he used to have 3/4 of a packet! I reduced my dad’s smoking by telling him I would ignore him until he stopped. Since he has only reduced, I don’t talk to him much. Slowly, he will stop and i will start talking to him. Try this! Hope I helped!

  5. kayte said :

    when i was little my dad gave me and my brother and sister a talk about how bad somking was. so we banned together and started throwing them away, when he picked up the packs we put them individually in the toilet and didnt flush it so he found them. then he hid them on top of the fridge so we climbed up and continued..

    lol well anyways, if i were you i would tell him exactally how you feel, and make sure you tell him how disapointed you are in him.. make him feel guilty for letting his son down.

  6. Joanie said :

    Well, I was married to a heavy smoker for years. Nobody can make a person quit. They need encouragement, and the desire to stop. Money is a big factor these days if one doesn’t care about their health.. You could suggest that Dad try joining a group who are trying to quit.. Nagging only makes it worse.. Now and then encouragement and expressing your worries about his health could help.. My now ex stopped when a neighbor whose wife got pregnant and he had promised to quit when she did, asked my then spouse if he wanted to make it a competition.. They both won the contest.. Both stopped! So, that’s another type of way to give it a good try… Maybe even have a little money pool among his friends if they are smokers and want to quit. Not alot of money just a few as prize to the winner to devided if more than one winner.. Maybe you could handle it.. Smoking is one of the strongest addictions from what I’ve been told.. Good Luck to you, and your dad..

  7. Lily said :

    When I was in first grade my dad smoked. He said he would quit if I got all my spelling words right for the whole year. He quit because I did. Bet your father something big. Kind of like my story.

  8. Jeffrey A said :

    this may be a stupid answer to you

    you can put gun powder in his cigarettes just a little not a lot you don’t want to kill him but it should explode in his face and scare him real bad
    and he might stop


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