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How do I maintain my weight and stop losing?

I’m 18 years old and 5’2″. I recently went on a diet and exercise plan. I went from 130 to 105 in about 3 months! I would like to know the best way to maintain and stop losing weight?

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4 Responses to “How do I maintain my weight and stop losing?”

  1. Miranda Girl said :

    Eat healthy and exercise. Your metabolism will adjust with time.

  2. alialoggi said :

    Can you predict how many calories you are burning off, exercising? If, for ex., you are burning off 500 calories running each day, and you plan to continue to running at your current rate, then start eating 500 calories more a day. Then you will stop losing weight.

  3. zucchinisyoucantkeepagoodonedown said :

    That’s most unusual. I think you should consult a doctor.

  4. lmsabm said :

    Consume a little more calories and exercise a little less. Start with small adjustments, and maintain that for a few days, then adjust it a little as needed. If you’re still losing weight during those few days, add a little more calories and take away a touch less exercise. You will find the balance your body needs to maintain its current weight given your metabolism and level of activity.


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