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My Brother Needs To Loose weight?

How can I get him to loose 30 pounds Quickly He Does not have a Girl let and he’s 15

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7 Responses to “My Brother Needs To Loose weight?”

  1. Powerking said :

    Quickly is NOT a good thing. If you want him to lose weight and keep it off he needs a routine. If he’s willing, run 1mi, then the next day 1.5mi, then 2mi, and so on, follow this long enough with a little diet control and other exercise, and the pounds will melt off.

  2. BumblewiththaB? said :

    cut out all refined sugars and starches… no snacks. no chips no sodas diet or regular. this will buy you at least 10 lbs. in a week. but cut it out for good or you will just gain it all back.

    leave the rest to excercise… go play ball, run, wrestle, jsut get moving.

  3. partygurlone said :

    Try doing something physically active with your brother, like going for walks or playing basket ball or something active. This can help him lose weight and it gives you something to do with him. Maybe then you can discuss life and girls and other things with him.

  4. kyant said :

    Whatever you do, always be supportive. I am sure he is aware of his own health issues. Get him to do the following..

    1) Eat more steam food, lean meat, vegies and fruits

    2) Cut out the junk food, soda drinks and snacks

    3) drink plenty of water / green tea

    4) Exercise – look at combining weights and cardio into your program. If you don’t want to go to a gym try walking 30 minutes a day, jogging or some of sprinting and jogging

    5) Have 5-6 healthy meals a day(1 plate portions) to keep your body satisfied

    6) if you have cravings drink water or eat fruits
    here’s an article to a healthy diet

    7) have an action plan for long term goals, start off with small goals and increase it gradually over time. You should participate too. With you involved, it may spur him into action, and you will get healthier too.

    (girl issues, don’t worry about that) your main concern is his health.

    Good luck

  5. JACK M said :

    He has to eat less crisps sweets ect and get out walking forget about TV when the weathers good and try to motivate him by doing it yourself

  6. ashanti said :

    once he gets a girlfriend he’ll soon loose pounds ( ££££ )

  7. Riverman said :

    Total life style change. His will have to do it him self no one else can do it for him. I lost 50 pounds in one year by changes like, no soft drinks, no empty carbs, no milk products, walking and throwing the TV in the dumpster.


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