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lose weight fast?

Ok guys I really need help! I’m going to university in like a three weeks and really need to get in shape! I want to lose aleast 1st and keep it off.

I cycle to work every morning now mwhich is 6miles every week day! I also try to do other exercises every day such as crunches, press ups etc. I’m also trying to reduce my calorie intake.

Do you guys have any tips on how I can lose this weight or more fast. And how to suppress the urge to binge on chocolate after having a low calorie day at work?

I need some advise on how to stop myself eating for the sake of it or craving certain foods like mad!

Thanks xxx

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16 Responses to “lose weight fast?”

  1. Laura C said :

    What about living on Chocolate flavour Slimfast shakes and Special K for 3 weeks?

  2. Nasser said :

    just stick to low calorie healthy foods
    and do some exercises and you will be fine

  3. Jim - Pittsburgh, PA said :

    Go low carb and eat all you want. They make low carb chocolate candy. Then don’t feel guilty.

  4. trespatas said :

    its more mental. have you rmind think that you are not hungry. EX when you want to eat a chocolate or something just a picture a carrot is just as good.

  5. Taylor T said :

    Ok. there are no magic pills! But you are doing a great job so far – however if you really need to see the weight off quicker – here goes… Ive managed to lose 20 lbs in 1 month and Im still losing 2lbs a week on a detox and diet program – Simploss 28. Its endorsed by health professionals and personal trainers give you support. It only cost $50. I know they provide personal programs too. I lost the crave and binge effect from the detoxing and digestive retraining they gave me. I still eat choc now – but only once a week. This program is the best Ive encountered so far.
    Goodluck – you can do it!

  6. Babie_grindaz said :

    drink slim tea
    go to any shopping centre thats big and look at the tea or herbs german and thai tea works alot or get the type that says slimming tes they really work!!! just read the label so its right

  7. x.X.Barbie-Doll.X.x said :


    If i want something i get it simple as

    You only live once,hunny et what you want

  8. Max C said :

    drink a lot of water, least a gallon a day it’ll flush out your system better and allow you to lose weight fast.

  9. diamondjade said :

    Nibble on fruit if feelin peckish, drink glasswater before each meal, as this bloats the tummy and makes it think its full. carry on the exercises. But if you find a better way let me know the secret please, good luck

  10. Andrew Weller said :

    dont let yourself get bored thats wat got me. get out and do stuff even if it seems stupid… go driving or hangin with friends and eat small amounts at a time. try eating more vegetarian foods too. i tried this and found that these meals are a lot better than thought. good luck!

  11. xgz1112 said :

    High fiber intake, eat things like carrots celary apples oranges hell most organic food are good. As for the craving there isnt much i can say except your gunna have to get over it, there are pills you can take fake chocolates and foods but in the end your gunna crave things, eating a little chocolate is fine but only have a little to help sooth the craving, if you are working out like you say than your body will crave extra calories.

  12. RAINBOW said :

    Join slimming world on line,it will come off and stay off at a really good pace you can keep it up whilst at uni,you really can have loads to eat [me 1 stone lighter in 6 weeks]

  13. h said :

    i no a good soup diet you could try it has in it
    2lb carrots, 2 tins chopped toms, 2 tins beef broth, 2 tins green beans i pack of veg soup, celery, 3 large onions, boil all that.
    day 1 eat as much soup and fruit as you like
    day 2 eat just soup and 1 plain jacket spud with butter
    day 3 eat as much soup as you like but have as many veg as you can no sweetcorn or pea’s no fruit
    day 4 eat as much soup as you like eat 3 bananas and as muck skimmed milk as you like
    day 5 eat the soup and eat at least 20oz of beef or chicken do not cook in oil are fat with a tin of toms or fresh and fruit
    day 6 eat as much soup as you like and fruit
    day 7 eat the soup 2 bananas skimmed milk
    drink crandberry juice low sugar you can drink tea coffee but have no sugar in it
    at the end of the 7 day if you have stuck to if you could loose 15 to 17lbs if you have lost this amount stay off if for 2 days because malnutrishion can kick in you can eat the soup any time you are hungry the more soup you eat the more you can loose.
    and this diet is very good my family and some of my friends tyred it and now we have started up are own wait loss club
    good luck with it if you try

  14. lauratomo88 said :

    Lose around 10 pounds in 3 days.

    This diet is given out by hospitals to people who need to lose weight fast for operations and stuff.

    For anyone who is going to try this it must be followed religously and not be done more that 4 times a month but dont be silly and do it every day for a month.

    My advice is that you do it for 3 days then have 4 days break from it but still eat healthy.

    Please remember you must drink 5 x 8oz ? glasses of water each day.


    Black coffee/tea
    Half a grapefruit
    1 slice of toast
    2tsp peanut butter

    Black tea/coffee
    4oz tuna
    1 slice of toast

    2 slices of any cold meat
    1-cup string beans
    4oz beetroot
    4oz vanilla ice cream (it doesn?t state it has to be low fat ice-cream, but
    that?s what my mum used)


    Black coffee/tea
    1 egg
    Half a banana

    4oz cottage cheese
    5 saltine crackers

    2 hot dog sausages (the ones in the tin)
    4oz broccoli
    2oz carrots
    4oz vanilla ice cream


    Black coffee/tea
    5 saltine crackers
    1 slice of cheddar cheese
    1 small apple

    1 egg
    1 slice of toast

    4oz tuna
    4oz beetroot
    4oz cauliflower
    4oz vanilla ice cream

    My mum and dad tried this diet last week, my mum being five foot two and
    weighing eleven stone lost ei ght pounds, my dad being six foot two and weighing
    fourteen stone ten pounds lost eleven pounds, so it does work.

    Just remember only do it for THREE DAYS at a time, after which you can eat
    normally but remember to be sensible and not over do it. You can lose up
    to forty pounds in a month.

    Toast to be dry ? no butter or margarine, tuna, string beans and beetroot
    can be frozen,

    Saltine crackers are Tuc biscuits or Ritz biscuits.

    Good luck with it and enjoy uni.

  15. XiaoZhen said :

    Try low carb, low fat, high fibre, high protein, and exercise. The foods are low caloried, and yet filling and healthy. Brisk walking is great for burning body fats.

    It is my lifestyle now. I am on low carb, low fat, high fibre, high protein and a hour brisk walk 5 times a week, and I have lost 31lbs/14kg and gained better health. I am now maintaining my 108lbs/49kg for more than a year, with more fruits and complex carbs.

    Details such as my experience, meals, snacks, recipes, foods to buy, reading labels, walking as an exercise and to shape the body etc etc,

  16. powered-by-ramen said :

    drink a lot of tea (mostly green and oolong),get rid of all your unhealthy foods so that it’s not an option, don’t eat after 7 o’clock., don’t drink any drinks with high sugar content (soda ect.), don’t eat any meat besdes eggs or fish, boil mostly all the foods u cook, only eat when ur hungry. all this works for me whenevr i feel too heavy. it’s not really bad for you either. it makes me lose like 3 pounds each time in like 2 days. i lost like 8 pounds with this in a week. and on the chocolate thing, just remind yourself how much it means to u about losing weight, drink some warm water, and that should make you go to sleep before having any more cravings for the sweets ^__________^


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