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lose fats fast?

can anyone please tell me some ways of like losing those fats accumulated like at my calves, thighs, butt, and the uppermost part of my arms. they’re reeeaaally stubborn. i mean, i have been jogging regularly like 4 times a week, each time around 2.4 km (or sometimes less), but i have been jogging after all. and plus, i have taken smaller meals each day, and avoided fatty food, high carbo stuff, high calorie stuff, and whatever is so called “unhealthy”. i have been doing excercises, but none of those helps at all. NOT A SINGLE BIT for the past 5 weeks!!!!! this is really frustrating!! can anyone tell me some FAST losing fats formula or ways to get rid of those fats???
and i really havent lost a single gram!! really!!!!! it’s so disappointing! maybe something went wrong, i dunno, but, just tell me some ways to get rid of those fats!
i’m 15, so um, please dont tell me to run 10 km per day or those crazy stuff……

i really have lots of fats. i have like stretch marks all over, so………
other questions

1. how do you increase your metabolism rate?
2. does doing cardio vascular excercises help? like skipping?
3. does jogging help lose fats in the first place? or is it really making you lose weight, which is the water in you after you sweat?
5. does jogging slow or fast help lose weight better? i mean, if you dont breathe properly while jogging fast, then there’s really no point yeah?
6. um, pilates and stuff, they train you, so it’s building muscles more than shedding fats is it?
7. gimme some excercise that i can do to lose the fats!

um, actually, i used to have some problems with eating, a phobia that causes something like eating disorder. so now, it’s better after taking some pills, i’m pretty much cured of whatever phobia i had, so i could eat much more than i could before. i used to be slimmer than now, and ever since i got rid of the phobia, i have been gaining fats and nothing else. so my weight increase is dang sudden. anyone experienced smth like tat too?

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  1. youse_mouse said :

    You should probably start running 10k a day.


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